Shipping and Receiving FAQ

How do I address student mail and packages?

Student Name
CMC box 27XXXX
500 Joseph C Wilson Blvd
Rochester, NY 14627

When can I begin shipping packages to the University for move-in?

For Fall Semester, students may begin shipping packages to the Campus Mail Center starting the second week of August. For Spring Semester, students may begin shipping packages to the Campus Mail Center starting the second week of January. We will process your package and have it ready for you to pick up when you arrive on Campus.

Will I be notified once a package arrives for me?

Campus Mail Service’s internal tracking system will send an e-mail notification to the student’s official University of Rochester e-mail address that we have processed your package. Please read your email message; during busy periods we may ask you wait 2 hours before picking up your package. We process student packages in bulk and need the extra time to place them in the designated location. Students will receive a notification for each individual package that we receive. Students must show their UR ID in order to pick up packages.

What time of day does UPS, FedEx and DHL deliver?

All major package carriers deliver once per day; UPS, FedEx, Amazon and DHL deliver directly to the Campus Mail Center. All carriers deliver between 11:00am and 3:00pm. Please wait until your receive our internal email notification to pick up your package (not the carriers notice it has been delivered). On busy days some of our carriers will drop off 800 packages at one time. Once we scan your package in our system, you will receive an email notification.

What time of day does the US Postal Service deliver (USPS)?

USPS does not directly deliver to the Campus Mail Center. Packages are dropped off at the Universities main Mail Facility and then are delivered by UR courier to the Campus Mail Center. Normal arrival time for USPS mail and packages is generally at 9am. Overnight Express Mail is delivered between 11:30 and noon. However during busy days USPS package mail often doesn’t arrive at the UR Mail Facility until late morning and it is not uncommon to see an additional delivery made in the afternoon. Please note, USPS does not deliver to the University on Saturdays. If a Saturday delivery is needed, we suggest using UPS or FedEx.

Transporting Large items from the Campus Mail Center to student dorms

Students may use one of our package carriers (first come first served basis) there is a $30 cash only deposit which will be refunded to the student once the carrier is returned

Is there a limit on how many packages I can send prior to move-in?

There is no limit on how many packages you can send prior to move-in. However, we do respectfully ask that each student be resourceful and mindful of the volume of packages they send to campus for move-in. Only ship the necessities. Many items can be purchased in Rochester or ordered online and shipped to the student after move-in.

Are there restrictions on the size of packages I can ship to campus?

There are no size or weight restrictions implemented by Campus Mail Service. However, most carriers have size and weight limits for the services they provide. Check with your carrier prior to shipping. As for Campus Mail Service, if you can ship it with UPS, FedEx, or the US Postal Service, we will accept it.

What carriers do you accept?

We accept shipments from all major carriers, including UPS, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, DHL, and the US Postal Service (USPS). We do not accept freight shipments.

How are mail service problems addressed?

Our staff is committed to the efficient and secure handling of your mail. If you experience problems with any of our services, please notify the Campus Mail Center immediately by phone at 585-275-3991, or in person where you can speak directly to a supervisor.


Flowers, plants, fruit arrangements, baked goods or similar items should be sent through local vendors or carriers. After the items are logged in, an email will be sent to the student for pick up. Students are asked to pick up any perishable delivery within 48 hours. If sending perishable items, please remember to mark the outside of the package.

What if I don't pick up my package?

If your package is unclaimed 14 days after the package email notification has been sent, you will receive a second and final notification. Packages that have not been claimed will be returned to sender.

What about emergency deliveries or medications?

If you are expecting an emergency delivery or important Medication delivery and you have not received notification from us, please email and include “Emergency” or “Medication” in the subject line or call 585-275-3991. USPS and USPS Express Overnight do not deliver to the Campus Mail Center on Saturdays. Only UPS and FedEx Saturday delivery confirmations are received and the Campus Mail Center is only open on Saturdays during the academic year.

What if I am having a problem with my mailbox or mail delivery?

Please contact the Campus Mail during our business hours. Refer to the schedule at top of page. Email: or call 585-275-3991.