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Customer Service Center

The Facilities Customer Service Center, also known as CSC, is a vital operation that operates 24/7/365 to provide coverage and handle service calls for the entire University and Medical Center complex.

csc employee sitting at work station.

CSC's responsibilities include managing a wide range of issues, such as building and mechanical repairs, maintenance, environmental services, computer support, and snow removal, among others.

At the heart of this operation are fourteen dedicated specialists who staff the central command center, managing an average of 10,000 phone calls and 1700 building automation alarms and fire/flood alerts every month. As the University and Medical Center complex expands, so does the CSC, ensuring that it can meet the evolving needs of the UR community.

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The Customer Service Center is generally staffed with four Customer Service Representatives who are responding to and dispatching your requests as they come in. The Customer Service Center processes approximately 10,000 calls for service every month and the busiest hours of the day are between 5am-9pm. Each call takes an average of 60 seconds to process. There are times of peak demand or when pending emergencies may take precedence over routine calls and it is at these times that you may be asked to hold on the line. We continue to do our best to keep your wait to a minimum and appreciate your patience and understanding.

The two most common reasons this may occur are: it is possible that someone else in your area placed a service request that you are unaware of and the University possesses the technology to monitor environmental conditions and equipment. Approximately 160,000 alarm points are monitored through the Customer Service Center. This computerized system is composed of many sensors that measure equipment operation. These sensors record the readings and ring any abnormality back to the Customer Service Center. Once the alarm is received, the customer service representatives dispatch a mechanic to respond to the alarm.

You must use your HRMS (Peoplesoft) user name and password for access. If you are unable to access the online work request system, please contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at extension 3-4567.

All bed lofting and de-lofting requests must be made at your area office. These requests are completed on a first-come first-served basis. Note: it could take up to a few weeks depending on how many of these types of requests are made.

The data files that contain the labor and material charges for each work order are updated monthly. This monthly update coincides with the University production of ledgers. This update takes place the 28th of each month.

A general rule of thumb would be to think of yourself as a tenant in a rental situation. All utilities and building issues are the "landlord's" (Facilities) responsibility. If you have no hot water, are too cold, or if a door lock doesn't work, that would be Facilities’ responsibility to repair at their cost. Departmentally funded requests might include hanging of bulletin boards or pictures on your office walls or installing a keyboard tray on your desk. These types of requests would be the "tenants" responsibility to pay for from their Department account.

Often times, especially for issues that deal with room temperatures, the mechanic needs to make the adjustments and repairs in the mechanical room where the actual heating and/or cooling equipment is located. Ideally, we would like the mechanics to speak with the customers who have requested the service. However, at times the volume of calls is too heavy to allow for this personal communication. Although this is not always feasible, we are striving to improve our face-to-face customer communications after resolving a service call.

The Customer Service Center Representative is required to obtain as much information as possible to pass on to the mechanic responding to the request. There are many different service mechanics assigned to many different areas that have varying areas of expertise. The more information that the Customer Service Center Representative is able elicit from the customer, the more efficiently they are able to dispatch the service call.

The Medical Center Supervisors are on site Monday through Friday from 8am until 12 midnight and the River Campus Supervisors are on site from 7:30am until 5pm, Monday through Friday. All of the Facilities Operations provide a "Supervisor-on-Call" when there is no supervision on site.

There are a large number of vehicles moving around University roadways and parking lots during the rush hour. It is not efficient for snow removal equipment to be out on the roads and parking lots when so many vehicles are. Facilities Snow Removal Staff generally start very early in the morning (around 3 or 4am), depending on the snowfall, and later, during peak traffic hours, will focus on hand shoveling. They then return to plowing and salting after the rush hour.