Project vs Work Order Request Forms

Which one to use?

Work Orders

Are the routine maintenance services required to maintain everyday operations such as clean-ups, snow removal, faucet leaks, toilet problems, lights out, heating and cooling problems, electrical issues, elevator problems or other general repairs.

To submit a Work Order, please call the Customer Service Center at 273-4567 or use the On-Line Work Request System*.

Routine Work Orders
*Do not use the online system for fire, flood, or other emergencies! Please contact the Department of Public Safety at x5-3333 or 585-275-3333.


Project Requests

Are those that go beyond what is required to maintain everyday operations. Examples of work considered a project include the following:

  • Interior alterations / renovations – new finishes, partitions, doors & frames, lighting, millwork etc.
  • Furniture moves and new installations
  • New building construction and additions to existing buildings
  • Interior display boards and monitor installations
  • Interior artwork and signage installations
  • Building exterior alterations
  • Exterior / site artwork and signage installations

To submit a Project Request, please fill out the Project Initiation Form


Facilities & Services is not responsible for student internet connection, cable service and washing machine repairs.

  • For Internet Connection Service Repairs contact the Help Desk at x5-2000 or 275-2000 or IT Help Desk Email
  • For Cable Television setup or troubleshooting, please visit: UR TV Getting Connected
  • For Washing Machine Repairs please contact x5-8363 or 275-8363.