University Mail Services

To deliver maximum value service to our customers and exceed their expectations by providing postal expertise and competitively distributing information and materials.

Amy Mirabella (585) 275-5208

University Mail Services (UMS) plays an integral role in how the University communicates through the efforts of our three main operations: The Mail Operations Center (Bulk Mail and Meter Mail); the Campus Mail Center, and University Courier Services. As a viable support system for the University community, our dedicated staff works diligently to understand our customers’ goals and will do everything possible to meet or exceed their expectations.

University Mail Services is part of Central Administration and a division of University Facilities and Services (UF&S) Support Operations. The main mail processing facility is located at 1510 Mt Hope Avenue where all incoming USPS mail for zip code 14627 (the River Campus) is received.

USPS will increase market dominant rates by 6.8% on August 29, 2021 including:

  • first class stamps
  • postcards
  • letters and flats
  • all marketing mail categories

Rates will go up on all mailing services such as media mail and signature confirmation. Package rates will not increase at this time. This is the second rate increase of 2021; the first occurred in January.

Online Access for Mail Services Charges

University departments will now have access to view and print their monthly departmental mailing and courier delivery charges. As of May 1, 2013, charges for ledger reconciliation will be available after the 3rd of each month online at Mail Service Charges. Users sign-in as 'guest_mail' and use 'mail' as the password. Clicking on the JobActivityByDate_Workday option and entering the 6-digit account number (without dashes) along with required year and month ledger dates, will generate the report. The report may be exported to a PDF, Excel or Word document by selecting the preferred icon. The document may then be saved and/or printed for your use.

Business Reply Mail

The University maintains a First Class Business Permit to provide a cost-effective means for University departments to receive mail responses for surveys, information requests, etc.

Specially formatted pre-addressed cards or envelopes are provided at no cost to the respondent so they can easily return the request.

Departments will pay for the number of pieces returned at the applicable first class rate of postage plus an applicable USPS accounting fee. The mail is then routed to your department after it is received. BRM is very effective when a high number of responses are necessary.

Due to strict regulations from the USPS, we encourage you to contact us to approve and print your business reply envelopes.

Please see Quality Business Reply Mail (QBRM)

Quality Business Reply Mail Program

Action is needed to ensure University departments receive best rates on Business Reply Mail Pieces.

University departments can realize deep handling discounts by making a simple design change to their Business Reply Mail pieces. All departments that are using or planning on using Business Reply Mail for postage paid correspondence mail should have their reply pieces (envelopes, postcards, etc.) reclassified and qualified by the US Postal Service to adhere to the new Quality Business Reply Mail (QBRM) standards. By doing so, departments will avoid a handling cost of $.766 per each returned item. Currently, departments who have not transitioned to the QBRM program, are paying a USPS processing fee of $.083 per returned item (plus first-class postage). Effective January 26, 2014, customers who have transitioned to the QBRM program, the processing fee will be $.064 ($.008 increase) per returned item (plus first-class postage).

Please note that only letter-size pieces and postcards can receive a discounted handling fee. Flat-size pieces and parcels incur a handling fee of $.766 per returned item.

Reclassifying your Business Reply Mail to the QBRM program is an uncomplicated process that simply involves redesigning your reply piece by replacing the POSTNET barcode with an Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB). (See examples below.) It would be advantageous for those departments who utilize Business Reply Mail to contact their respective printers to ensure their pieces meet these new standards.

All departments are welcome to contact University Mail Services (UMS) for assistance on transitioning to the QBRM program as well as on other mail pieces through their design specialists in order to provide the best costs. For more information, please contact Jerrod Jopson at 275-9799 or email

In need of Interoffice Envelopes or Supplies?

University Mail Services keeps an abundant supply of reusable paperclips, binder clips, and rubber bands. So before you order a new supply consider replenishing with used ones. For supplies or interoffice envelopes, please call x5-5684 or email Karen Uschold at with your request and we’ll quickly deliver them through intramural mail.

Ink Jet and Toner Cartridge Recycling

To recycle your used ink jet and toner cartridges, you can mail them to University Mail Services at Box 270001. Please place cartridges in original or replacement packaging. For more information on the University’s recycling efforts:

Quarterly Newsletters

Campus Mail Center

The Campus Mail Center is located in the lower level of Todd Union and is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, Saturdays 10 am to 2pm (academic year only)

In addition to offering most of the services that a regular post office would offer, we are able to ship out and receive letters and packages using USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL. The mail center also processes all on-campus student mail. Mailboxes are accessible during extended building access hours when school is in session. Packages too large to fit into a mailbox may be picked up at our service window during regular business hours.

Box Rental

Each student is provided with a Campus Mail Center box (which remains the same for four years) to receive both U.S. and campus mail.
Who Can Have One: All full-time faculty members, administrative department, full time students.
How to get one: Come to the front window at the Campus Mail Center.


Although we are not an official United States Post Office, we provide all the basic shipping services including:

  • Stamp sales
  • International mail shipment
  • Local mail shipment
  • Express and Overnight Envelopes
  • Flat rate and various size cardboard boxes
  • Regular and Padded Envelopes

We also provide services with UPS, FedEX and DHL. We will do our best to recommend the best shipper for your needs. We have a variety of envelopes and packaging to accommodate most shipping needs. Reminder: All parcels must be packaged properly to avoid any damage in shipment. International bound mail over 13 ounces requires a custom declaration form.

Outgoing Mail

For postage sales the Campus Mail Center window is open Monday -Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm (academic year only.) The mail drop is located next to the front window. Mail is picked up from the USPS at 4:30pm each day. All outgoing mail must be received at the Campus Mail Center no later than 4:00pm to ensure same-day delivery to the United States Post Office.

In addition, the Campus Mail Center offers a wide variety of services for sending mail:

Domestic Mail Services

First Class Mail: Standard delivery for letters, postcards and packages up to 13 ounces. Postage is based solely on weight. To see the cost and estimate delivery time click here.

Priority Mail: 2 to 3 day delivery for letters and packages up to 70 pounds. Prices are based on weight and destination. Destinations are divided into zones, so the farther away the destination of your package, the more it costs to send it. To see the cost and estimated delivery time click here.

Express Mail: Next day delivery to most zip codes for letters and packages up to 70 pounds. To see the cost and estimated delivery time click here. Coverage is only provided for the actual value of items. Please speak with a Mail Clerk about insurance options for Express Mail.

Parcel Post: A less expensive alternative for sending packages up to 70 pounds. Delivery time averages 5 to 11 days. Prices depend on weight and destination and are zoned the same as Priority Mail. To see the cost and estimated delivery time click here.

Media Mail: The least expensive way to send books, cds or videos, up to 70 pounds. Delivery time averages 5 to 11 days. Prices are based solely on weight. To see the cost and estimated delivery time click here.

Extra services that can be combined with the above items:

Certified Mail: Also provides proof of mailing. Most commonly used with Return Receipt (see below). Can only be used with First Class and Priority Mail.

Delivery Confirmation: Online tracking for packages. Provides delivery date and time. Click here to track. Can only be used with Priority Mail, Parcel Post, Media Mail and First Class packages.

Insured Mail: Items must not be insured for more than their value and coverage is only provided for their actual value. Please speak with a Mail Clerk about insurance coverage options.

Return Receipt Requested: Provides the mailer with a postcard that shows the date and time of delivery and the recipient's signature. Use a Return Receipt if you need physical proof of delivery or a signature requirement for delivery. A Return Receipt can only be requested with Certified Mail.

Signature Confirmation: Online tracking for packages with an additional signature requirement for delivery. Provides delivery date and time. Click here to track. A physical copy of the signature can be requested. Can only be used with Priority Mail, Parcel Post, Media Mail and First Class packages.

International Mail Services

International Air Mail: Delivery by air of letters and parcels to virtually anywhere. Letters normally take 10 to 14 days for delivery. Parcels take 10 to 14 days.

Global Priority Mail (GPM): 3 to 5 day delivery for letters and light parcels up to 4 pounds. Available to a limited number of countries.

Express Mail (EMS): 3 to 5 day delivery for letters and parcels.

Insured Mail: Covers against loss or damage.

Other Mail & Shipping Services

We also offer alternatives to the US Postal Service which are available at the Package Store. These services include:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL (International Shipping)

Incoming Mail & Packages

All mail and packages addressed to students on campus should follow the format below
(where XXXX is the last four numbers of the student's mailbox):

Student Name
University of Rochester
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, New York 14627

Letter Mail: In order to receive mail on campus, students are required to have a Campus Mail box. Your campus address must appear on all incoming mail and packages. Incoming letter size mail is placed into the student’s mailbox and is available to be picked up after 10:30am. If mail is received without your CMC box number it may be delayed. Do not include your dorm address, there is no direct delivery of mail to student dorms. Students are expected to check and empty their mailbox on a regular basis.

Package Mail: The Campus Mail Center receives packages from all of the major carriers throughout the day.
Students and box holders receiving packages or items that are too large to fit into your box are notified via email from the Campus Mail Center (CMC) when the package is ready for pickup. Each email represents one package. You will need a photo ID, preferably your UR ID card, to pick up your package. Students are responsible for picking up their packages in a timely manner; packages that are not picked up within two weeks are returned to sender.
Packages can be picked up at the package store window during open hours. Please wait until you receive an email from the CMC to pick up your package; notifications directly from carriers and/or companies such as Amazon only indicate that the package has been delivered to the University and does not signify that the package has been processed through the CMC. Our staff is working diligently to make sure your package is processed quickly.

Tracking Mail

To reach their tracking page.

Forwarding Student Mail

To set up mail forwarding you first need to know about what type of things we can forward to you:

First: Only first class letters and flats can be forwarded.

Second: All other mail is either returned to sender or recycled. This includes magazine subscriptions!

Third: All packages such as from USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL cannot be forwarded and will be returned to sender. Or you will need to contact us and generate a new shipping label addressing it from your CMC box to your temporary/permanent address. Please email us at for more information.

To set up your mail forwarding please visit:

Once there you will be asked for your student ID number NOT your NetID. Everyone was emailed their own password, however if you have forgotten yours there is a “Forgot Password: link to recover it. Click that button, enter your Student ID number and a new password will be emailed to you.

Campus Mailbox Availability

Office mail delivery is for University-related business only. However, if you would like the convenience of a campus address for personal mail and packages, consider renting a campus mailbox. A personal on-campus delivery address is only $35 for six-months or $70 for a year-long rental. Mailboxes are located in the Todd Union Building. Stop by the Campus Mail Center for more information or contact 275-7495.

For University Faculty and Staff: With the height of online-shopping season upon us, please remember that personal packages/purchase shipments should not be addressed for delivery to your department.

Payments Accepted

The Campus Mail Center now accepts credit cards in addition to cash, check, Student URos and departmental blue requisitions.

Forever Stamps

Forever stamps are good for mailing a First Class (1 oz.) letter and can be used at any time regardless of any future postage increases. The Postal Service rate for forever stamps is currently .63 cents. Booklets of 20 can be purchased for $12.60. Larger quantities may be ordered by contacting or calling 275-3991.

Available to Purchase

  • Postage Stamps
  • Metered Postage
  • Express and Overnight Envelopes
  • Flat rate and various size cardboard boxes
  • Regular and Padded Envelopes
  • Money Orders are no longer available due to contractual changes with the Postal Service.
Fax Service

Students may send and receive faxes at the Campus Mail Center.

  • $1 per page for Faxes sent within the United States and all received faxes
  • $5 for first page and $1 for each additional page for International.
  • When receiving faxes, be sure to have the sender include your CMC Box.

Mail Operations Center

Located on Mt. Hope Avenue, the Mail Operations Center is the University’s main mail processing facility where all incoming USPS mail for Zip code 14627 (River Campus) is received. The Mail Operations Center processes all departmental outgoing mail and bulk mailings for the entire University including: the Medical Center complex, River Campus, South Campus, Eastman School of Music, Memorial Art Gallery, Highland Hospital, Visiting Nurse Service, and the Mt. Hope properties. It is also the hub of the University’s intramural system linking all of these areas. University Courier Services transports all intramural mail from the Mt. Hope facility to departments and complexes throughout the University.

Bulk Mail

Mass mailings continue to be an efficient way to recruit new students, market medical services, distribute information, and solicit donations. However, if done improperly, it can also be very expensive. Mail Services staff are recognized local leaders in bulk mail processing and can help customers get the best postage discounts, lowest processing costs, and fast turnaround times; they can help generate as much as 30%-40% in postage savings. Experts in nonprofit mailings, services include:

  • Database Processing
  • De-duping Lists
  • Word Merge/Variable Data Printing
  • Printing: Color, Black & White
  • Folding
  • Labeling
  • Inserting
  • Tabbing (Wafer Sealing)

A number of design and processing elements are needed for a mailing to qualify for special rates. We recommend the first step in producing your bulk mailing would be to contact University Mail Services at x5-1013 and consult with our mailpiece design experts

More information on Bulk Mail processing and Nonprofit eligibility is available at the following links:

What is Bulk Mail?

Officially called Standard (A) mail by the United States Postal Service (USPS), bulk mail isn’t just “a lot of mail”. It is an official classification of mail that meets specific requirements to qualify for discounted rates. Rates are dependent on content, size, shape, weight, Zip code, and quantity.

There are two types of Standard (A) mail, Regular (commercial) and Nonprofit. Except for certain content restrictions, both kinds are virtually identical, with Nonprofit rates being about 40% lower than their commercial counterparts. The University is eligible to send most of its mass mailings at Nonprofit rates.

There is a third kind of bulk mail, Presorted First-Class which is a discounted mailing but with First-Class service. Postage is significantly higher than Standard (A) and content and preparation can be much different as well. In most cases Presorted First-Class is delivered faster than Standard (A) mail, but locally they there is virtually no difference.

Sending Nonprofit Mail

Bulk mail is the least expensive method of sending mail. The average Nonprofit letter can be mailed for approximately $0.18 or less instead of the First-Class price of $0.49. The following specifications must be met for items to be mailed at bulk mail rates:

  • Minimum of 200 pieces or 50 lbs. total weight
  • Each piece of mail must be identical in:
    - size
    - shape
    - weight
    - contents
    - address labels or imprint type
  • Each piece of mail must face in the same direction in preparation for postage
  • Each piece of mail must contain a Zip code in the destination address

Nonprofit Rate Restrictions

Just because it is being mailed from the UR doesn’t mean every mass mailing can automatically use Nonprofit rates. Mailings cannot contain details (prices, destinations, payment plans, specific vendors) for travel, financial instruments (credit cards), or insurance. Also, it cannot contain personal information such as grades, medical results, billing details, or other person-specific details. You can personalize the mailing (Dear John, Dear Mary, and address) without violating the personal information rule.

Database Processing

For any mailing that uses postage discounts (Presorted First-Class, Standard A, Standard A Nonprofit) the USPS requires that the mailing list be processed by certified software that is updated on a regular basis. This computer program checks the addresses of the mailing list and compares them to the USPS’s own database to make sure that the address actually exists. It does this by seeing if the named street has the specific house number, in that city, state and Zip code. Many simple typos are fixed this way. In addition, the mailing list is also compared to the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to see if any of the addresses have a forwarding order in effect. Using the updated address is also a postal requirement.

Database processing also allows addresses to be grouped by distribution locations (not necessarily in Zip code order) making mail processing, and receiving postage discounts, much easier.

  • Data Files: Mail Services can accept a number of file formats but Excel is by far the best and easiest to work with. However, other options including ASCII or Word tables, *.csv files, or comma delimited text are also acceptable. Data should be in tables with headings (FNAME, LNAME, ADDRESS1, etc.) rather than in a label format.
  • De-duping Lists: Specialized mailing software is used to help merge different mailing lists into a single combined one and eliminate duplicate addresses and recipients. This can help reduce the amount of materials that need to be purchased and printed, as well as the amount of postage to be paid.


Onsite printing has been increasingly important as personalized contents of mailings have become more common. Being able to print the inserts in the exact quantity, and in the same order as the outer envelope, allows for a more secure and economical process. Also, printing/copying does not need to begin until after the database is processed so that only the exact amount of material is produced, reducing waste and expense. Printing on-site also shortens the turnaround time by allowing additional processing, such as folding and inserting, to begin as soon as the first printed pieces leave the printer.

  • Word Merge/Variable Data Printing: Personalizing mail pieces is an excellent way to increase the success of a mailing. Variable data can be added to fixed text to create custom content for every recipient. Some examples are as simple as adding “Dear John” or “Dear Mary” instead of “Dear Prospective Donor”. Mail merge programs are used to create letters, pledge cards, and business reply mail. Other examples could include switching out entire paragraphs of content depending on who will get that letter. Personalized URLs, QR codes or images can also be added to the outer envelope.
  • Color Printing: Color printing is available to add interest to the content of the mailings as well as to improve the appearance of the outer envelope. High quality digital images in many formats are acceptable with excellent results.


Once the address list has been cleaned-up, processed, and formatted, it is uploaded to the production labeling machines where addresses are printed directly onto the mailpiece. Up to 10,000 pieces per hour can be addressed using scores of different fonts. Any True Type font used in the mailpiece design can be uploaded to the printer to provide a cohesive, unified look even in the address block.

Generally speaking, the maximum size mailpiece that can go through the production labeler is 12”wide and ¼” thick, but length is rarely an issue. All items must be of uniform thickness.

  • Address Block: At minimum, an area of at least 2” high x 4” long should be reserved for printing the delivery address. Anything smaller and not all of the address can be printed, or it will be too small to be read. The address block should also have a white background, be free of images and uncoated.
  • Fonts: Our labelers can print with scores of fonts, but keep in mind that addresses need to be able to be read by the USPS sorting equipment. Cursive or script fonts are very difficult to read so should be avoided because they can result in higher postage costs, longer delivery times, and higher Return to Sender rates.
  • Contrast: Postal equipment needs to be able to read the address for it to be delivered, so it should have a high contrast against the background color. Mail Services uses black ink to print addresses so a white or very light background is recommended. We have no source for white ink to print against a black or dark colored-background.
  • Adhesive Labels: Adhesive labels are sometimes necessary, but usually only when:
    a) the item is so glossy that ink won’t stick to the surface;
    b) the mailpiece is enclosed in shrink wrap;
    c) the size, thickness, or shape of the item won’t allow it to fit through the envelope feeder; or,
    d) the mailing address can’t be seen against the printed background.
    Processing costs are significantly higher than printing the address directly onto the mailpiece.


Items are generally folded to be inserted into envelopes, or to become self-mailers. Folding is a very basic service, but, done wrong, can lead to considerable expense and delays. The main issue involves where the folds are placed.

  • Inserts: Items folded in such a way that when they fed into the inserter or labeler they are not pulled open or crushed. Therefore, the fold should be on the leading edge (the first part of the mailpiece to go into a feeder). Half-folds and “C”-folds work very well. Accordion or “Z”-folds, have an open leading edge (with a fold and an extra flap) and get pulled open by the rubber feeder rollers. Other types of folds may make hand-inserting necessary which will increase processing costs and extend the turnaround time.


Tabs, also called wafer seals, are used to keep self-mailers or booklets closed while they travel through the mail stream. The exact quantity and placement of tabs is strictly defined by the USPS. Self-mailers have different tabbing requirements than booklets, which generally require more wafer seals. Tabs can help lower postage costs, but sometimes the cost of applying the tabs is more than the postage savings, so work with our bulk mail staff to decide which tabbing options are right for you and your budget.

  • Self-Mailers: There is more leeway for how self-mailers are folded, but the USPS does provide incentives for having the fold on the bottom. Many folded self-mailers need to be held closed by tabs or wafer seals. This is to keep the mailpiece from opening up while being processed on the Postal Services processing equipment. By following USPS guidelines and creating self-mailers with a single fold at the bottom of the mailpiece, fewer tabs need to be used to keep the item closed. And the less tabs used, the lower the processing cost.

Meter Mail

Most of the correspondence leaving the University is metered mail. To use this option, departments can attach a mailing slip to the mailand have it delivered through intercampus courier routes to University Mail Services. We will attach the required postage and direct bill departments through our month end accounting entries.

Meter mail may include but is not limited to regular business letters, large envelopes, packages, etc. Metered mail must show the complete return address for the University office of origin on each piece. It must be mailable by the standards of the U.S Post Office.

Please note, personal mail will not be posted or paid for with departmental metered mail.

To order department meter slips, fill out a request at the following web address:

Stamped Mail

  • All stamped mail should be sealed by the sender before mailing.
  • If you wish to use stamps, a selection of self-adhesive postage is available for sale from the Campus Mail Center and can be charged to your University budget account number.

Intramural Mail

Intramural mail is delivered to the Universities internal departments including: the Medical Center complex, River Campus, South Campus, Eastman School of Music, Memorial Art Gallery, Highland Hospital, and the Mt Hope properties.

Don't have the time or resources to deliver your package or document quickly? Contact our Courier Services at x5-2001, they offer expedited pickup, delivery and signature confirmations for all of your important documents.

International Mail

  • International mail should be submitted seperate from U.S. mail.
  • A seperate departmental mailing sheet should be attached.
  • Packages and parcels in excess of 16 ounces require custom documentation.
  • Please contact the Campus Mail Center with any questions on how to fill out the custom forms.

To request a quote for your bulk mailing project, please email

Courier Delivery Locations

couriers working in snow
Courier Department, 1510 Mt. Hope Ave - In helping to assist during COVID19, the Courier department transports 75 to 130 boxes a day of face shields from the manufacturing facility at Clinton Crossings Building and delivers to SMH shipping and receiving for storage and distribution. Snow never dissuades the Couriers, even in April!

Interoffice mail can be sent without postage to the following locations. However, when sending packages or excessive volumes, delivery fees may apply. Call x5-2001 for details or click on Online Delivery Request Form

River Campus

Interoffice mail is delivered to all River Campus departments. A department name and Box number is required for delivery. Undergraduate student mail is delivered to their CMC Box at the Campus Mail Center located in Todd Union.
Includes mail for:

  • 520 Intercampus Drive
  • Brooks Landing Business Center
  • Central Utilities
  • Goler House
  • Medical Center Annex (some areas receive mail through the Medical Center)
  • Staybridge Suites Hotel
  • Towne House

Medical Center Complex

All inter-University mail addressed to the Medical Center Complex is depvered to the Medical Center Mail Office.
A department name and Box number is required for depvery.
Includes mail for:

  • Eastman Dental Center
  • Helen Wood Hall
  • Medical Center Annex (some areas receive mail through the River Campus)
  • Saunders Research Building

Mt. Hope and Nearby Properties

Couriers deliver to the following physical locations, however, a department name and Box number is still required for delivery.

  • 575 Mt Hope Ave
  • 590 Mt Hope Ave
  • 668 Mt Hope Ave
  • 685 Mt Hope Ave
  • Mt Hope Professional Building

South Campus

Department Name and Box numbers are required for delivery.

  • Alumni & Advancement Center
  • University Facilities & Services Building
  • Box numbers are NOT required for delivery.
  • Center for Optoelectronics & Imaging
  • Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Off Campus Centers or Affiliates

  • 211 Bailey Rd - CVRI
  • East High School
  • Eastman Residence Hall
  • Eastman School of Music
  • Highland Hospital
  • Memorial Art Gallery
  • Miller Place
  • Mt. Hope Family Center
  • Sawgrass Surgical Center
  • Sibley Music Library

Other Off-Site Locations

There are a number of regular deliveries to the following locations. Call Courier Services at x5-2001 for specific departments and service details.

  • Clinton Crossings
  • Corporate Woods
  • Meridian Center
  • Monroe Community Hospital
  • Science Parkway
  • Tobey Village
  • Red Creek Drive
  • Westfall Rd
  • White Spruce Blvd
Add or Change Delivery Locations

If your department is moving permanently or temporarily, or if it needs additional delivery locations, daily stops, or specialty runs, call the couriers at x5-2001 for options and quotes.

On-Demand Delivery Charges

A brief description of charges and services is available for customers who wish to get a sense of how On-Demand charges are determined. Remember to call Courier Services at x5-2001 to get an exact quote.
On-Demand Delivery Price Chart

Student Employment

There are two different job opportunities for students. The first is as a Foot Courier, which is based out of the Campus Mail Center in Todd Union, and the other is as a Driver. Both will deliver mail and packages to departments; the Foot Courier to the River Campus, Drivers to the rest of the University Community including Eastman School of Music and the Memorial Art Gallery.

For Drivers, complete driver safety training is provided which may include any or all of our gas, electric (van/ Segway), and hybrid vehicles.
Look for Job Number 13216 on the Student Job Board.

Weather Related Delays / Emergency Conditions

Mail delivery can be impacted during severe weather conditions. All mail and courier deliveries will be suspended upon the declaration of a State of Emergency by Monroe County, or when the Courier Supervisor and the Mail Management Team decide that conditions are such that the safety of pedestrians, other drivers, and courier staff are at risk.

Delivery delays and suspensions will be announced through the Facilities Notification listserv. If you wish to receive these emails please follow the link below and sign up for this service.
Facilities Notification Listserve


Courier Delivery Request Form - Online request form for courier delivery. For a complete list of delivery locations and a price chart, please visit the Courier Services web page.

Envelope/Supply Request Email - University Mail Services keeps an abundant supply of reusable paperclips, binder clips, and rubber bands. So before you order a new supply consider replenishing with used ones. For supplies or interoffice envelopes, please call x5-5684 or email Karen Uschold. Your supplies will be delivered through intramural mail.

Online Student Forwarding - Students may change their forwarding address and start or stop mail forwarding online. Your Student ID and unique password are required to login.

Mail Services Charges Report - University departments have access to view and print their monthly departmental mailing and courier delivery charges. Charges for ledger reconciliation are available after the 3rd of each month. Complete instructions for running this report are available here.

Request for Meter Mail Account Sheets - With a mailing slip attached to outgoing correspondence, mail can be couriered to University Mail Services for delivery, and departments are direct billed for the required postage. To order department meter slips, fill out a request at the link above. More information about Metered Mail is available by visiting the Mail Operations Center web page.

Contact Us

If the information you're looking for is not at this site, or you have questions of a specific and detailed nature, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. Our staff will be more than happy to talk with you so that your mailing needs will be a success!

University Mail Services

Address: 1510 Mt Hope Ave, Box 270001, Rochester, NY 14627-0001

Name Phone Email
Amy Mirabella, Manager 585.275.5208
Christine Coffey, Administrator
Accounting / Billing Inquiries

Mail Operations Center

Address: 1510 Mt Hope Ave, Box 270001, Rochester, NY 14627-0001

Hours: Monday – Friday 6:30am – 5pm.
Deadline for skid deliveries: 4pm

Name Phone Email
Merritt “Woody” Woodward, MDP Supervisor 585.275.1013
Jerrod Jopson
Assistant Supervisor
Fax 585.473.6463

Courier Services

Address: 1510 Mt Hope Ave, Box 270001, Rochester, NY 14627-0001

Name Phone Email
Bill Orel, Assistant Supervisor 585.275.2001
Alternative Phone 585.273.5149  
Fax 585.473.6463 Online Courier Delivery Request

Campus Mail Center

Address: Todd Union - River Campus, Box 270002, Rochester, NY 14627-0002

Hours: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 10am-2pm (academic year only)
Sundays and University Holidays -- Closed

Name Phone Email
Peter Lootens, Supervisor 585.273.5015
Jackie Nickel, Assistant Supervisor 585.273.5991
Package Store 585.275.7495
Fax 585.271.4981