Automotive Repair Shop

The University of Rochester Auto Shop is staffed by three ASE certified mechanics and can be reached at 273-5816. The facility has 3 work bays each equipped with a hydraulic lift as well as a wash station that University departments may use.

The shop is open to any department with University owned vehicles and offers a wide range of services including:

  • Annual NYS inspections
  • Preventative maintenance service
  • Diagnostic and repair service
  • Tire repair and replacement
  • Fabrication and welding of parts
  • Forklift and aerial lift training

The Auto Shop services a wide variety of vehicles including:

  • Cars, trucks & vans
  • Bucket truck & aerial lift
  • GEM cars, Club cars and golf carts
  • Skid steer, Backhoe, Trackless & Garbage truck
  • Plows & Salters

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Preventative Maintenance program?

Preventative maintenance is important for all University vehicles as it allows us to see the vehicles on a regular basis and catch problems before they happen. There are 3 PM levels that can be set up for a vehicle based on its usage. PM’s can be set up for various reoccurring time periods such as monthly and quarterly. Once we have the PM’s set up you will get an automated email each month that a PM is due.

Who is eligible to use the Auto Shop?

Any University department may use the Auto Shop for their department’s vehicles. Sorry, personal vehicles cannot be serviced.

I have never used the Auto Shop, how do I arrange for service?

Before we can service your vehicle for the first time it needs to be listed in our computer system. Fill out the new vehicle info sheet and submit to the Fleet Administrator. A work order is required whenever you need service done on your vehicle. You can either call the Customer Service Center at 273-4567 before coming down to the shop or you can come down to the shop with your vehicle and call from there.

What does ASE certification mean?

ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence. In order to be certified our mechanics have had to pass tests in one or more automotive fields demonstrating knowledge and expertise in that area. They maintain their certification by regularly passing these tests. For more information visit the ASE web site

Is there a way to wash my vehicle?

There is a power washer available for any University department to use on their vehicles. Our auto mechanics can show you how to operate the washer. Our power washer includes a wand that can be used to reach the underside of vehicles. This is especially important in the winter to remove the road salt.

How can I find out what work has been done to my vehicle in the past?

Click the Vehicle Maintenance History link and input the ID# we have assigned to your vehicle and a time period, if desired, and all the work orders will be listed.

What is the Safer Driver Program?

This is a University program that spells out the qualifications needed for a University employee to drive a University vehicle. Safer Driver Program and Form

Contact Us

Name Phone Email
Karen Koenig, Manager (585) 273-5819
Mike Archuleta, Auto Shop Supervisor (585) 273-5816
Dale Robinson, Fleet Services Working Leader, ASE Certified (585) 273-5816
Dave Munnings, Automotive Mechanic, ASE Certified (585) 273-5816
Floyd Young, Automotive Mechanic, ASE Certified (585) 273-5816