Facilities Notifications

University Facilities provides you with the opportunity to stay informed about shutdowns, projects, hazardous weather conditions, and emergency notifications by subscribing to our email notifications.

We offer three Listservs tailored to different locations:

  • FACILITY_NOTICES: for River Campus
  • MEDCTRNOTICES: for the Medical Center
  • PROPERTY_NOTICES: for other UR Properties

You can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to any combination of these Listservs based on your preferences.

To modify your subscription, please visit the University Listserv website and select the Listservs that interest you.

To assist you with the process, screenshots are included below.

listserv home page screen shot.
listserv registration link screen shot.
listserv registration form screen shot.
listserv email confirmation screen shot.
listserv success notification screen shot.
listserv return to home page screen shot.