Sustainability and the Environment

Rev Campus Challenge

Utilities and Energy Management is continually striving to increase efficiency and make other improvements to help the University reduce its carbon footprint. In fact, our total plant related CO2 emissions are 10% lower today than they were in 1990 even though our utility plants serve 40% more building spaces. What is even more impressive is that our CO2 intensity has decreased by 38.6% since 1990 (see chart below). Our decisions need to balance reliability, operating flexibility, customer demand, efficiency and sustainability. While we can never ignore the other concerns, we are giving sustainability more consideration today than ever before.

Some of our current efforts regarding Sustainability and the Environment:

  • Installed Energy Management Information System with UR Public Portal
  • Recently promoted to NYSERDA REV Leader Status
  • NYSERDA REV Spotlight Article
  • Energy Solutions Initiative Strategy Guide
  • Energy Management Roadmap
  • Created Energy Conservation Assessment and Plan in 2021
  • Student Project: History of University of Rochester’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Project Spotlight: UEM has identified half a dozen control valves in the Strong Memorial Hospital Mechanical Equipment Room MER-2-1400 which are directly coupled to the entire campus system differential pressure needs. These valves and the air handling equipment they serve constitute only a small portion of the campus chilled water thermal load, but contribute to a large portion of the chilled water differential pressure load. By replacing these few specific valves with ones that use less pressure drop, we are able to save pumping energy for the entire campus. This is only one example of how UEM is collaborating with our customers to increasing efficiency and reduce operating expenses.