Fleet Guidelines


All vehicles are the property of University Facilities and Services and will be leased to the requesting department. This will ensure standardization of vehicles used by the University and the most cost effective to the University.

When a department needs an additional vehicle or desires to replace a current vehicle, they will contact the Facilities Fleet Manager. Facilities will send the Vehicle Acquisition & Approval form to the requesting department. The department will complete Part 1 of the form explaining what the vehicle will be used for, miles driven, any special requirements. The form will be returned to Facilities.

Facilities will evaluate the needs of the department and will determine what vehicle is required.

When Facilities has pricing, either for a new vehicle, or to transfer a current vehicle, they will complete Part 2 with the vehicle information, pricing and lease term and forward it to the department who will review and obtain the appropriate approval signatures. Once approved the form will be returned to Facilities.

An approved University decal and if necessary a DOT# for vehicles over 10,000 lbs will be placed on the vehicle.

Department Responsibilities

Anyone who drives a University vehicle must have agreed to the University Safer Driver Program in writing. A signed copy of understanding of this program should be kept by the department. The driver also must be enrolled in the License Event Notification Service(LENS) program.

At the beginning of each driver’s shift they should perform a visual inspection to verify there is no damage to the body of the vehicle. If damage is found the Vehicle Damage form should be completed and the vehicle brought to the Auto Shop to verify it is safe to drive.

Any vehicle incident must be immediately reported and paperwork filled out, whether there was damage to the vehicle or not. If on University property, Public Safety should be contacted to complete a report. If offsite, the appropriate police authority should be contacted and a copy of the police report should be retained. The Vehicle Damage Form is to be completed for all vehicles. If the vehicle has a license plate then the Vehicle Accident Insurance form should be completed for insurance purposes. The vehicle needs to be brought to the Auto Shop to verify it is safe to drive.

Vehicles should be kept clean, both inside and out. There is a pressure washer and shop vac at the auto shop that departments are free to use. Fully brush off vehicle of snow and ice before driving.

If any repair service is needed, the department will call in a work order at 3-4567 with the University vehicle ID#. If work is needed immediately they may then contact the Auto Shop at 3-5816 or may stop down and arrange a service time with the auto shop planner scheduler.

Vehicle Maintenance

All maintenance is managed by the Auto Shop. When a vehicle is obtained/transferred, the Auto Shop will establish a preventative maintenance schedule based on manufacturer’s recommendations and department usage. When preventative maintenance is due, the auto shop will contact the department to schedule a day and time for this work to be performed.

Vehicle warranties will be used whenever applicable.

The vehicle must be brought to the auto shop for scheduled preventative maintenance as required. If a department does not respond after 2 attempts to get the vehicle to the Auto Shop for service then the auto shop may come and take the vehicle to have the service completed.

Each vehicle will have a maintenance agreement as part of the vehicle monthly charges. The agreement lists what repairs are covered. If a repair is covered, the department will not incur additional costs. However if a repair is not covered then the department will be charged through the work order to the billing account listed.

The Auto Shop receives all manufacturers recall notices and will coordinate with the department to have these addressed.

All vehicles are the property of University Facilities and Services and may be reallocated with the purpose of improved customer satisfaction and reduce the cost for the University. The department will be notified 4 weeks in advance so they can prepare for the trade. An equal replacement vehicle will be provided that meets department specifications.

End of Lease

Prior to the end of the lease term, the Auto Shop will inspect the vehicle and determine the overall condition, including mileage. Based on the vehicle condition and the expected usage by the department, Facilities will determine if the department will continue to use the vehicle at a reduced rate, or if a replacement vehicle is more appropriate. A new lease quote will be provided.