Planning, Design and Construction

Planning, Design and Construction (PDC) is responsible for the execution of the University of Rochester's major construction and renovation projects. Typical services include management of design, engineering and construction services and professional service contracts. PDC also provides procurement of all construction contracts for the University community. Our goal is to set the standard for excellence for higher education and healthcare facility capital projects.

We are here to:

  • Provide leadership to support the implementation of University projects.
  • Assure appropriate design and construction standards and criteria established by the University, the state, or other appropriate agencies are followed.
  • Identify and implement opportunities to balance quality and cost of construction, focusing on life cycle costs through value engineering and other cost reduction initiatives.
  • Encourage the full participation of all stakeholders in the project management process.
  • Ensure all new construction buildings are built to a minimum LEED silver level.

construction vehicles and fencing surrounding a building


Justin Fallon Dollard

Jennifer Rudolfs

Charles Gantt

Mark Merry

Van Yannas

Scott Walker

Documents and Forms

The University of Rochester requires Pre-Qualification of Architects and Engineers and Construction Contractors to ensure that work is performed only by highly qualified contractors.

The Pre-Qualification process evaluates:

  • financial stability and bonding capacity,
  • licensed to practice in the State of New York and ability to secure adequate insurance,
  • relevant project experience,
  • demonstrated quality of work, and then if qualified
  • assignment of potential work by University risk categories.

For participation in the process or for questions, contact Justin Dollard, Executive Director of Planning & Project Management


Planning, Design and Construction is responsible for planning capital projects, their design and construction and ensuring compliance with the master plan and design aesthetics of the University of Rochester. Facilities oversee the ongoing day-to-day operations of facilities and minor improvements and installations of equipment. The offices of Planning, Design and Construction (MC at 5-0717, or RC at 5-4887) will offer you direction and guidance should you be unsure of which office to contact.

Design reviews are meetings in which Planning, Design and Construction reviews and explains projects to other University departments involved in a renovation project. These meetings allow the client to hear and understand the needs, recommendations, and/or requirements of other departments regarding the proposed project.

Planning, Design and Construction 's workload dictates what projects a PM or Planner receives. Planning, Design and Construction does take into consideration and tries to maintain the working relationship that may have been developed between a particular PM or Planner and client.

Large furniture orders are normally coordinated through Planning, Design and Construction . For small orders, please contact Purchasing Department at 5-2002 for assistance.

"Facilities" is funded to maintain the building structure and systems (doors, lights, windows, walls, heating, cooling, etc.) The "program" is responsible for program related issues. Any questions regarding a specific issue should be directed to the Area Manager.

The forms (100 - 105) are used by Planning, Design and Construction to obtain the appropriate authorizations, account numbers, and tracking purposes. The forms are:
  • Form 100 used for initial authorization
  • Form 101 used for construction authorization
  • Form 104 used for additional scope authorization
  • Form 105 used for project close out.