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Parking Payroll Deduction Cancellation

Please read the following conditions carefully:

  1. It is the employee’s responsibility to return the current issued parking permit and gate entry card (AVI) to the Department of Transportation & Parking Management immediately upon termination or prior to an extended leave of absence to stop future deductions.
  2. If applicable, a pro-rated refund will be calculated based on the date the permit and gate entry card (if issued) are returned to the Department of Transportation & Parking Management. If there are past due fees or other fees, including fees for non-return of permits and/or gate entry card, the refund amount will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Refunds will be processed on departmental and payroll deadlines. Cancellation requests will take time to process, but should not exceed two pay periods.
  4. Should you choose to cancel your parking (for any reason other than a leave of absence) and reinstate it at a later date, you will be placed in a lot with available parking.

Employee Details

By clicking "Submit", I hereby request cancellations of the deductions from my payroll earnings authorized for the parking permit issued to me.