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Department of History

History Faculty at 2022 Commencement

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Various history courses were offered in the early years of the University.  A semi-independent department created in 1877 and attached to the offerings in Latin presented courses in medieval history and the history of civilization.  Shortly thereafter Professor William C. Morey introduced instruction in the American and English constitutions, preparing the way for the creation of a separate department of history and political science in 1883. The department's name was changed to History and Government in 1919.  Government was split off into a separate department in 1934 and the head of the History Department thereafter became the Chairman.  Tenure was granted to associate and full professors starting in 1935.  Mandatory faculty retirement at age 70 was introduced in 1931 and later reduced to 65 before being abolished by federal law. 

History classes were taught at the College for Men on River Campus and the College for Women on the Prince Street Campus from 1930 until 1955, when the colleges were merged.  The department office was in Morey after the move to River Campus, but some faculty kept their individual offices on Prince Street.  After the 1955 merger faculty offices were scattered among several buildings before the department was consolidated in Rush Rhees Library in 1971.  In 1985 the first floor of the library became the ground floor and the fourth and fifth floors became the third and fourth. 

The original 1930 library building was not air conditioned, which was still a new technology.  The entire 1969 addition was cooled with chilled water from the University's Central Utilities Plant and some areas of the original library building have also been air conditioned.  When Tom Slaughter was hired in 2008 he convinced the dean (not sure which one) to install air conditioning for his new office.  The system that was installed for him also cooled several other faculty offices on the west end of the third floor, whose occupants should be eternally grateful.  A few offices on the fourth floor have no mechanical cooling but do have operable windows, although these provide only limited relief on Rochester's hot humid days.  

The first doctorate in history was awarded in 1952 to W. Wayne Dedman.

This list intends to include all full-time faculty whose primary appointment is or was in History.  A few dates shown may be approximate.  Please send any additions or corrections to me at m.pierce@rochester.edu.

History Department Faculty by Year

List of History Faculty
William Carey Morey (1843-1925) A.B. Rochester 1868; M.A. Rochester 1871; Faculty 1869-1870 & 1872-1920; Head 1883-1920 

Laurence Bradford Packard (1887-1955) Ph.D. Harvard 1921; Faculty 1913-1925; Head 1920-1925

Dexter Perkins (1889-1984) PhD. Harvard 1914; Faculty 1915 - 1954; Head 1925-1934; Chair 1934-1954

Allen Brown West (1886-1936) Ph.D. Wisconsin 1912; Faculty 1917-1919

Jonathan French Scott (1882-1942) Ph.D. Wisconsin 1912; Faculty 1918-1925

Dwight Erwin Lee (1898-1986) Ph.D. Harvard 1928; Faculty 1922-1924

Hugh MacKenzie (1894-1946) Ph.D. Harvard 1925; Faculty 1922-1946

Leo Gershoy (1897-1975) Ph.D. Cornell 1925; Faculty 1924-1926

Willson Havelock Coates (1899-1976) Ph.D. Cornell 1926; Faculty 1925-1965

Arthur James May (1899-1968) Ph.D. Penn 1926; Faculty 1925-1964; University Historian 1964-1968

Glyndon Garlock Van Deusen (1897-1987) A.B. Rochester 1925; Ph.D. Columbia 1932; Faculty 1930-1962; Chair 1954-1962

John Barrett Christopher (1914-1988) Ph.D. Harvard 1942; Faculty 1946-1980

Richard Clement Wade (1921-2018) M.A. History 1945; Ph.D. Harvard 1956; Faculty 1946-1961

Harold Edmund Aikins (1910-1981) Ph.D. Colorado 1937; Faculty 1946-1949

Francis Norris Estey (1916-1953) Ph.D. Princeton 1948; Faculty 1949-1953

Robert Burnett Hall, Jr. (1924-1988) Ph.D. Michigan 1952; Faculty 1952-1988

Charles Vevier (1924-1995) Ph.D. Wisconsin 1952; Faculty 1954-1958

Charles Hilles George (1922-2011) Ph.D. Princeton 1951; Faculty 1954-1956

Ralph James Kaufmann (1924-2013) Ph.D. Princeton 1954; Faculty 1955-1969; Chair 1966-1967

Hugh Mason Wade (1913-1986) Faculty 1955-1965

Harry Jindrich Benda (1919-1971) Ph.D. Cornell 1954; Faculty 1955-1959

Louise Carroll Wade (1928-) Ph.D. Rochester 1954; Faculty 1957-1959

Hayden Virgil White (1928-2018) Ph.D. Michigan 1955; Faculty 1958-1968; Chair 1962-1964

Harry Harootunian (1929- ) Ph.D. Michigan 1957; Faculty 1959-1973

Edward L. Towle (1929-2006) Ph.D. Rochester 1966; Faculty 1960-1964

Christopher Lindley (1933-2016) Ph.D. Cornell 1963; Faculty 1960-1967

Clarence Joseph Karier (1928-) Ph.D. Wisconsin 1960; Faculty 1960-1969

Milton Berman (1924-2016) Ph.D. Harvard 1959; Faculty 1961-1989

Norman Oliver Brown (1913-2002) Ph.D. Wisconsin 1942; Faculty 1962-1968

Arcangelo William Salomone (1916-1989) Ph.D. Penn 1943; Faculty 1962-1982

Sidney Monas (1924-2019) Ph.D. Harvard 1955; Faculty 1962-1969

Stanley Lewis Engerman (1936-) Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 1962; Faculty 1963-2016

Loren Baritz (1928-2009) Ph.D. Wisconsin 1956; Faculty 1963-1969; Chair 1965-1966

Dean Arthur Miller (1931-2018) Ph.D. Rutgers 1963; Faculty 1963-1993

Bernard Allen Weisberger (1922-) Ph.D. Chicago 1950; Faculty 1963-1968; Chair 1964-1965

Perez Zagorin (1920-2009) Ph.D. Harvard 1952; Faculty 1964-1990; Chair 1967-1969

Marvin B. Becker (1922-2004) Ph.D. Penn 1950; Faculty 1964-1973

Michael Cherniavsky (1922-1973) Ph.D. Berkeley 1951; Faculty 1964-1969

John Joseph Waters, Jr. (1935-2018) Ph.D. Columbia 1965; Faculty 1965-1998

Arthur Benjamin Mitzman (1931-2021) Ph.D. Brandeis 1963; Faculty 1965-1969

James Friguglietti (1936-2018) Ph.D. Harvard 1966; Faculty 1966-1969

Nancy Schermerhorn Struever (1928-) Ph.D. Rochester 1966; Faculty 1966-1968 visiting assistant professor

Richard Ian Cashman (1940-) Ph.D. Duke 1968; Faculty 1966-1972

Ralph Charles Croizier (1935-) Ph.D. Berkeley 1965; Faculty 1966-1975

Paul Forman (1937-) Ph.D. Berkeley 1967; Faculty 1966-1969

Ronald P. Formisano (1939-) Ph.D. Wayne State 1966; Faculty 1966-1972

Herbert George Gutman (1928-1985) Ph.D. Wisconsin 1959; Faculty 1967-1972

Robert Cuff (1941-2001) Ph.D. Princeton 1966; Faculty 1967-1969

Akira Iriye (1934-) Ph.D. Harvard 1961; Faculty 1968-1969

Mark Brocklebank Beach (1937-) Ph.D. Wisconsin 1966; Faculty 1968-1974

Eugene Genovese (1930-2012) Ph.D. Columbia 1959; Faculty 1969-1986; Chair 1969-1975.

Richard W. Kaeuper (1941-) Ph.D. Princeton 1967; Faculty 1969-2021; Chair 1976-1979; longest serving professor in the department.

Bernard Robert Kreiser (1943-) Ph.D. Chicago 1971; Faculty 1969-1982

Sanford Harold Elwitt (1936-1988) Ph.D. Cornell 1963; Faculty 1970-1988

Christopher Lasch (1932-1994) Ph.D. Columbia 1961; Faculty 1970-1994; Chair 1985-1993

Jesse Thomas Moore, Jr. (1933-2015) Ph.D. Penn State 1971; Faculty 1970-2000; University Marshall 1990-2015

William James McGrath (1937-2008) Ph.D. Berkeley 1965; Faculty 1971-1997

Richard David Ralston (1937-) M.A. Rochester 1961; Ph.D. UCLA 1972; Faculty 1971-1974

John H. Bracey, Jr. (1941-) Faculty 1971-1972

Laura Ellen Oren (1945-) Ph.D. Yale 1974; Faculty 1971-1974

Abraham J. Karp (1921-2003) Faculty 1972-1991

Brenda Meehan (1942-2006) Ph.D. Rochester 1970; Faculty 1972-2004

Bruce Edward Palmer (1944-) Ph.D. Yale 1972; Faculty 1972-1974 Part-time

Elizabeth (Betsy) Fox-Genovese (1941-2007) Ph.D. Harvard 1974; Faculty 1973-1980

Mary Elizabeth Young (1930-2021) Ph.D. Cornell 1955; Faculty 1973-2000

Donald Reed Kelley (1931-2023) Ph.D. Columbia 1962; Faculty 1973-1991

Joanna Flug Handlin Smith (1942) Ph.D. Berkeley 1975; Faculty 1973-1981

William B. Hauser (1939-) Ph.D. Yale 1969; Faculty 1974-2011; Chair 1979-1985

Bernard MacGregor Knox (1945-) Ph.D. Yale 1977; Faculty 1975-1994; Chair 1993-1994

Peter H. Linebaugh (1942-) Ph.D. Warwick, 1975; 1975-1981

Bonnie G. Smith (1940-) Ph.D. Rochester 1976; Faculty 1976-1977; 1981-1990

Theodore M. (Ted) Brown (1942-) Ph.D. Princeton 1968; Faculty 1977-2018; Chair 2000-2006

Jules Robert Benjamin (1938-) Ph.D. Penn 1974; Faculty 1977-1986

Elias C. Mandala (1948-) Ph.D. Minnesota 1983; Faculty 1983-

Robert Brett Westbrook (1950-) Ph.D. Stanford 1981; Faculty 1986-2020; Chair 1994-2000

Elizabeth A. Lunbeck (1953-) Ph.D. Harvard 1984; Faculty 1986-1988

Stewart Angas Weaver (1957-) Ph.D. Stanford 1985; Faculty 1987- ; Chair 2006-2012 & 2018

Joseph E. Inikori (1941-) Ph.D. Ibadan 1973; Faculty 1988-2022

Celia Stewart Applegate (1959-) Ph.D. Stanford 1987; Faculty 1988-2012

Larry E. Hudson, Jr. (1952-) Ph.D. Keele 1989; Faculty 1988-2021

Daniel Halle Borus (1951-) Ph.D. Virginia 1985; Faculty 1990-2018

John Alexander Guy (1949-) Ph.D. Cambridge 1973; Faculty 1990-1992

Jean Elisabeth Pedersen (1959-) Ph.D. University of Chicago 1993; Faculty 1990-; Joint Appointment with Eastman School of Music

Alice Louise Conklin (1957-) Ph.D. Princeton 1990; Faculty 1991-2004

Jeffrey P. Burds (1958-) Ph.D. Yale 1990; Faculty 1991-1997

Linda Levy Peck (1941-) Ph.D. Yale 1973; Faculty 1992-1996

Adrianna E. Bakos () Ph.D. Bryn Mawr 1990; Faculty 1992-1998

Joan Shelley Rubin (1947-) Ph.D. Yale 1974; Faculty 1995-; University Marshall 2015-

Dorinda Outram (1949-) Ph.D. Cambridge 1974; Faculty 1999-2018

Michael Joseph Jarvis (1968-) Ph.D. William & Mary 1998; Faculty 2001-

Victoria Widgeon Wolcott (1966-) Ph.D. Michigan 1995; Faculty 2002-2011

Anne Harper Reinhardt (1968-) Ph.D. Princeton 2002; Faculty 2002-2005

Matthew Edward Lenoe (1963-) Ph.D. Chicago 1997; Faculty 2005-; Chair 2012-2018

Thomas Paul Slaughter (1954-) Ph.D. Princeton 1983; Faculty 2008-2023

Tatyana Vladimirovna Bakhmetyeva (1970-) Ph.D. Rochester 2006; Faculty2008 - : Instructor

Elya Jun Zhang (1980-) Ph.D. UCSD 2008; Faculty 2010-2022

Daria Dahpon Ho (1980-) Ph.D. UCSD 2011; Faculty 2010-2020

Pablo Miguel Sierra Silva (1984-) Ph.D. UCLA 2013; Faculty 2013-

Molly Catherine Ball (1983-) Ph.D. UCLA; Faculty 2013-; Lecturer

Thomas Connaught Devaney (1976-) Ph.D. Brown 2011; Faculty 2013-

Laura Ackerman Smoller (1960-) Ph.D. Harvard 1991; Faculty 2014- ; Chair 2019-2022

Thomas Jacob Fleischman (1982-) Ph.D. NYU 2013; Faculty 2016-

Brianna Jo Theobald (1985-) Ph.D. Arizona State 2015; Faculty 2017-

Mical Orit Raz (1983-) Ph.D. Tel Aviv 2007; Faculty 2018-

Ruben Flores (1967-) Ph.D. Berkeley 2006; Faculty 2019- ; Chair 2022-

Melanie Chambliss (1986-) Ph.D. Yale 2017; Faculty 2023 -

1900 Histories of the Departments of Instruction of the University of Rochester during the First Fifty Years 1850-1900 (note this is a reformatted version done by students)
The catalogue of 1868-69 contains a clear and succinct statement in regard to the extent to which the University at this time afforded facilities for historical study. This statement was as follows; "Although the Faculty of instruction embraces no officer who is distinctly charged with the care of this department, an ample course of historical study is yet provided for the student. Instruction is given in Greek and Roman history in connection with the classical department. Mediaeval and modern history are taught in weekly lectures which cover three entire terms.
In 1877 a department of History was specially recognized and associated with the department of Latin.
The department of History was made a separate department in 1883, and the Professor of Latin was appointed as Professor of History and Political Science. Five regular courses in history were now established; the Historical Geography of Europe, the English Constitution, Mediaeval History, Comparative Constitutional Law, and the Roman Law.

1916 "Packard Decorated," The Campus, May 18, 1916, Page 1
Eminent British Apologist Becomes Knight of the Garter

1918 "Prof. Dexter Perkins Weds Miss Wilma L. Lord," The Boston Globe, May 7, 1918, Page 4.

1925 Croceus:  Class of 1926
Pages 27-29:  History Department

1926 Croceus:  Class of 1927
Pages 33-35:  History Department

1937 "Alumni Review Invades Classroom for Candid Study of History Men," The Alumni Review 16(2);3-7 (December 1937-January 1938)
Political science, re-christened "government," has recently been separated from history and given departmental status of its own, under Professor James D. MacGill.

1942 Interpres: Class of 1943
Page 27:  History and Government

1946 "Dr. M'Kenzie, UR History Expert, Dies," Democrat and Chronicle, February 27, 1946, Page 13.
Heart attack fatal to popular professor.

1946 "In Memoriam," Rochester Review 23(6):22-23 (April-May, 1946)
Hugh MacKenzie

1949 Interpres: Class of 1950
Page 16:  History faculty

1952 Interpres:  Class of 1953
Page 23:  History Faculty

1953 "University Mourns Death of F. Estey," Tower Times, October 2, 1953, Page 2.

1954 Teachers of history; essays in honor of Laurence Bradford Packard, by Henry Stuart Hughes

1958 Interpres:  Class of 1959
Page 30:  History Faculty

1959 Interpres:  Class of 1960
Page 22:  History Faculty

1960 Interpres: Class of 1961
Page 18:  History Department

1961 "The Face on the Wall," Democrat and Chronicle, April 26, 1961, Page 17.
At the University of Rochester's Rush Rhees Library a turnstile was installed leading into the stacks was installed in the past year. Students and faculty members must present their identification cards to the student on duty before being permitted access to the stacks. (Educational note; a stack is a library structure, one or more stories high, of shelves and narrow aisles for compact storage of books. In the UR stacks are thousands upon thousands of volumes. Which is probably where the expression "well-stacked comes from.) Dr. Dexter Perkins, Watson professor emeritus of history and former chairman of the UR's history department, visited the library the other day for the first time in more than a year. As he started into the stacks, he was stopped at the turnstile border by the student who requested proper identification. Dr. Perkins searched his pockets fruitlessly for something, anything that would prove who he was. His pockets were bare; he was as anonymous, at the moment, as the first mate on Columbus' flagship.
Amused by the impasse, Dr. Perkins finally hit upon a solution. He directed the student's attention to a portrait hanging on the library wall – a portrait of the historian himself, presented to him by the university last year.
The student agreed that it constituted sufficient identification.

1961 Interpres: Class of 1962
Page 20:  History Department

1962 Interpres:  Class of 1963
Page 21:  History Faculty

1965 "Undergraduates to Protest Escalation of Viet Nam War," Campus Times, March 2, 1965, Page 1 |
About 30 students responded to a call by UR graduate student Dan Walkowitz.

1965 "Walkowitz Proposes Party:  To Have a Liberal Platform," Campus Times, April 1, 1965, Page 6

1965 "Fisher Adds to Staff," Catholic Courier-Journal, October 1, 1965, Page 11
Dr. J. Alexis Fenton as special lecturer in history.  Dr. Fenton, who will teach part time at St. John Fisher, is emeritus professor of history at City College of New York, where he taught for twenty years and served as acting chairman of the history department. He received his bachelor's degree from City College in 1919 and holds advanced degrees from Columbia University.  He is the author of numerous historical books.
[The 1961-62 UR Bulletin shows Fenton with a Ph.D. from Columbia, but no record of this degree has been found.]

1965 Interpres:  Class of 1966
Page 83:  History Faculty

1966 "History Department to Add 3 Professors, New Courses," Campus Times, March 9, 1966, Page 1 | Part 2 |

1966 "Walkowitz Defends Intellectual History," Campus Times, May 10, 1966, Page 4
Daniel J. Walkowitz

1967 Interpres: Class of 1968
Page 28:  Norman O. Brown

1967 "Sit-Ins To Have Trials," Campus Times, November 17, 1967, Page 1 | Part 2 |
Dow Chemical sit in.

1967 "Weisberger to Resign Post, to Pursue Independent Path," Campus Times, December 1, 1967, Page 1
Also article on undergraduates charged with Dow Chemical sit in.

1967 "Graduate Students Reject Offer to Change Suspension by Request," Campus Times, December 15, 1967, Page 2 | Part 2 |
Dow Chemical sit in.

1968 "Grad Students," Campus Times, February 2, 1968, Page 1 | Part 2 |
Dow Chemical sit in.

1968 "Dr. Arthur May, Historian, Dead," Democrat and Chronicle, June 15, 1968, Page 1B. | Part 2 |
Dr. May took the last train out of Berlin before England an France declared war on Germany in 1969.

1968 "Dean Clark Rejects Genovese," Campus Times, September 24, 1968, Page 1 | Part 2 |

1968 "UR Students to Register in Monroe: Walkowitz to Spearhead Voter Drive," Campus Times, October 1, 1968, Page 3
Judith Walkowitz

1969 "'Baritz is Leaving' or What Happened to History," Campus Times, April 18, 1969, Page 5. | Part 2 |

1969 "Genovese:  Not Ordinary Appointment," Campus Times, May 23, 1969, Page 1.
Plus other articles on same page.

1969 Yield of the Years: An Autobiography, by Dexter Perkins
Pages 54-55;  Courtship and marriage to undergraduate Wilma Lois Lord.

1970 Interpres: Class of 1971
Page 76:  History, Genovese, Cashman, Cherniavsky

1970 "Students Meet History Department; Waters Tells about Times Gone By," Campus Times, September 25, 1970, Page 4.
Waters states that N. O. Brown was an intellectual historian, but it is not clear if he ever had an appointment in the department

1971 Interpres: Class of 1972
Page 43:  Richard Kaeuper

1975 Interpres: Class of 1976
Pages 142-143:  History

1976 "Kaeuper New Head of History Dept.," Rochester Review 38(3):29 (Spring 1976)

1976 "Wilson Coates, 77; taught history at UR," Democrat and Chronicle, September 24, 1976, Page 5B.

1976 "Wilma Lord Perkins Dead at 79; Editor of Cookbook for 45 years," The New York Times, December 1, 1976, Page 99.
Rochester, Nov. 30 Wilma Lord Perkins, former editor of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook for 45 years, died here yesterday at the age of 79. She was the wife of Dexter Perkins, retired chairman of the history department of the University of Rochester. His aunt, Fannie Merritt Farmer, wrote the original “Boston Cooking School Cookbook” in 1896. Mrs. Perkins, who became editor in 1929, handled at least seven revisions, and was working on an other when she and her husband moved to a nursing home a year ago.
A native of Rochester, Mrs. Perkins was graduated in 1918 from the University of Rochester, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.
Besides her husband, she is survived by two sons, Bradford, a professor of history at the University of Michigan, and Dexter Perkins Jr. of Harvard, Mass., a paleontologist, and four grandchildren.

1977 History of the University of Rochester, 1850-1962, by Arthur J. May.  Expanded edition with notes
Chapter 23, The Changing College
For several years James D. McGill was attached to the history group, but in 1934 his special area of knowledge, government (or political science), was set off as a distinct department with him at the head.

1978 "Is Studying the Humanities a Waste of Time," Rochester Review 41(2):20-22 (Winter 1978)

1980 Interpres: Class of 1981
Pages 104-105:  History faculty

1980 "Fox-Genovese, several others, leave UR," Campus Times, September 15, 1980, Page 1 | Part 2 |

1981 "Harold E. Aikins," The Daily Chronicle (De Kalb, Illinois, September 19, 1981, Page 8.

1986 "Hugh M. Wade, at 72; historian with an interest in Vt. and N.H.," The Boston Globe, January 8, 1986, Page 63.
Director of the Canadian studies program at the University of Rochester.

1986 "Benjamin denied tenure," Campus Times, September 16, 1986, Page 1.

1987 "UR scholar was historian, author," Democrat and Chronicle, April 10, 1987, Page 3B.
Dr. Glyndon G. Van Deusen

1988 "Professor Sanford Elwitt," Democrat and Chronicle, May 12, 1988, Page 8B.

1988 "Robert Hall, was UR prof 37 years," Campus Times, November 17, 1988, Page 2.

1989 Interpres: Class of 1990
Page 48:  Abraham J. Karp
Page 49:  Jesse T. Moore

1989 "Robert B. Hall, Jr. obituary," The Journal of Asian Studies 48(2);447 (May 1989)

1990 Interpres: Class of 1991
Page 32:  William B. Hauser

1992 Interpres: Class of 1993
Page 63:  John Waters

1993 Interpres: Class of 1994
Page 61:  Joseph E. Inikori

1995 "Dr. Charles Vevier, 71, Professor And Medical School Executive," The New York Times, November 14, 1995, Page B13
Dr. Charles Vevier, a professor and former senior administrator at the Newark-based New Jersey Medical School, died on Thursday at Englewood Hospital. He was 71 and lived in Tenafly, N.J. He had suffered a brief illness, his family said.
Dr. Vevier started his career as a historian of American diplomacy and wrote two books reflecting that background.  Dr. Vevier, who was born in Brooklyn, received three degrees in history from the University of wisconsin, where he focused on Chinese-American relations as a Ph.D. candidate.

1999 Historian Appointed to Newly Endowed Chair, May 19, 1999
Dorinda Outram; Franklin W. and Gladys I. Clark Chair of History

2000 Crisis of Confidence: Unrest among the University of Rochester’s faculty, 1966-1969, by Craig Linder
First place winner in Sesquicentennial Essay Contest.

2000 Beside The Genesee:  A Pictorial History of the University of Rochester, by Jan LaMartina Waxman, edited by Margaret Bond
Page 43:  Wilma Lord and Dexter Perkins
The courtship between the young history instructor and the brilliant undergraduate brought a breath of romance to a war-time campus.

2003 "Jean M. DeGroat," Democrat and Chronicle, February 22, 2003, Page 16.
Jean was the department secretary for many years and used to host awesome parties during Park Avenue Festivals at her home on Vick Park A. 

2006 "Brenda Meehan," Democrat and Chronicle, August 31, 2006, Page 2B.

2006 Brenda Meehan, Noted Professor of Russian History, Dies, September 5, 2006.

2006 "Dr. Edward L. Towle Dies at Home," St. John Tradewinds, September 17, 2006.
He returned to university studies at the University of Rochester in 1960, where he received a Ph.D. degree in the history of science and served as assistant director of the University’s Canadian Studies Program.

2008 "Richard Wade: helped make cities academic subjects; at 87," The Boston Globe, July 27, 2008, Page 20

2008 European Intellectual Historian William McGrath Dies, December 3, 2008

2009 Legal Scholar Arthur R. Miller Endows Professorship in History, March 2, 2009
Thomas Slaughter

2010 "Loren Baritz," Chicago Tribune, January 6, 2020, Page 1-22

2011 "Charles H. George," Lancaster Online, June 22, 2011
Charles H. George, 89, of Lancaster, passed away at 12;15 a.m., Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at the home of his daughter Jessica George in Mount Wolf. He was the husband of the late Margaret (Young) George who passed away in November 2009.
Mr. George was born May 22, 1922 in Kansas City, Missouri and was the son of the late Hilles and Pearl (Renne) George.
He graduated from Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA and later from Princeton University in New Jersey where he earned his Ph.D in History. Dr. George was a history Professor at Northern Illinois University in De Kalb, Illinois.
Mr. George is survived by his son David George of Canada, his two daughters, Jessica George of Mount Wolf, PA, Claudia George of Canada, his three step-daughters, Rebecca Janezich of Minneapolis, MN, Joliah Shortreed of Lancaster, and Andrea Bellinger of Ogdensburg, NY and his three grandchildren. Mr. George was preceded in death by his two brothers, William George and Eugene George.
[UR Bulletins show George with a Ph.D. from Harvard, but his 1951 Ph.D. is from Princeton.]

2013 R. J. Kaufmann obituary, June 11, 2013

2014 "Five minutes of Fame: Law professor focused on change," The Cougar, November 6, 2016
Law professor Laura Oren will be honored at the Law Center’s retirement party on Thursday for a lifetime of service. Graduating with an B.A. from Queens College, a Ph.D in British history from Yale, and a J.D. from UH Law School, Oren has over 30 years of legal experience under her belt.
I was originally a historian. I received my Ph.D from Yale. At first, I was teaching at the University of Rochester in the history department. My husband, who was also a historian, found it difficult to to find similar jobs, and trying to maintain a career as a historian became a burden when there was a depression in humanities. Meanwhile, I had two kids, so maintaining work and family became a balance issue. I was very active in the community, and I became the organizer and first president of the Feminist Credit Union. I was interested in lots of legal issues, and I saw what lawyers did on a regular basis. After being invited to apply for law school, I decided to go to attend UH Law. I ended up graduating first in my class in 1980, and I was ranked 2nd in the Texas state bar exam that year.

2014 Our work is but begun: a history of the University of Rochester, 1850-2005, by Janice Bullard Pieterse
Pages 121-122:  Among the largest of the protests unfolded in the fall of 1967 over student and faculty opposition to a campus visit from recruiters of Dow Chemical. Wàllis tried to head off a planned sit-in, telling a gathering of 700 for a student government meeting that such an act would represent coercion and that disciplinary charges would be placed. A standing ovation went to history professor Arthur Mitzman when he declared that a student wishing to interview with a recruiter for a firm producing napalm must “be prepared to walk over my body and render bodily harm to secure his job.” More than 100 students and faculty members sat in corridors of the third floor of the dining center, forcing the Dow interview to move to Taylor Hail. Provost McCrea Hazlert subsequently suspended 23 graduate students—9i undergraduates had been placed on probation—despite a faculty committee’s recommendation against punishing the upper-level students.
Faculty also were disturbed deeply when they believed Wallis blocked the appointment of Professor Eugene Genovese. Genovese had drawn attention at Rutgers University, where he publicly supported Marxism and socialism. Wallis blamed the Rochester controversy on inappropriate handling of private negotiations by members of the history department and, ultimately, hired Genovese as its new chair.

2015 Jesse Moore—history professor, diversity champion, and grand marshal—remembered, April 19, 2015

2015 "Jesse Thomas Moore, Jr.," Democrat and Chronicle, April 23, 2015, Page A11. 2016 "Former Deputy Mayor Christopher Lindley dies," Democrat and Chronicle, October 1, 2016, Page 22A.
Mr. Lindley attended Cornell University, earning a B.A. in history and a Ph.D. He moved here in 1960 with his then-wife, Joyce, to teach history at the University of Rochester, where he remained for seven years.

2016 "Milton Berman," Democrat and Chronicle, November 20, 2016, Page A26.

2018 "James (Jim) Friguglietti," The Billings Gazette, March 7, 2018, Page B6

2018 "John J. Waters," Democrat and Chronicle, September 19, 2018, Page A9.

2019 Colleagues remember history professor emeritus Dean A. Miller, April 3, 2019

2020 Theodore Brown receives Lifetime Achievement Award from American Association for the History of Medicine, May 13, 2020

2021 In Memoriam: Mary Elizabeth Young, 1930-2021

2021 "Arthur Mitzman 1931-2021," Perspectives 59(9):38 (December 2021)

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