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Department of History
List of History PhDs

The History Department awarded its first PhD in 1952.  The table below lists all History PhDs, along with the dissertation title and advisor name(s). These dissertations are available in Rush Rhees Library, and many can also be found on the Proquest Dissertation Database (subscription required).

Dissertations were done with typewriters and carbon paper until the early 1980s when word processing became available.

Number of History PhDs awarded each year.

History Department Doctoral Dissertations
# Year Student Name Dissertation Title Advisor(s)
1 1952 Dedman, W. Wayne The Development of Historical Studies In American Colleges and Universities 1865 - 1915. Dexter Perkins
2 1952 Woods, John Aubin The Political Philosophy of John C. Calhoun Richard C. Wade
3 1954 Africa, Philip The Historiography of Brooks Adams. Willson Coates
4 1954 Plesur, Milton Looking Outward: American Attitudes Toward Foreign Affairs in the Years from Hayes to Harrison. Dexter Perkins
5 1954 Shaw, Ronald Erwin A History of the Erie Canal 1807 - 1850 With Particular Reference to Western New York Glyndon VanDeusen
6 1954 Wade, Louise Carroll Graham Taylor: Social Pioneer, 1851-1938. Glyndon VanDeusen
7 1955 Chalmers, David Mark The Social and Political Philosophy of the Muckrakers Richard C. Wade
8 1955 Cooley, Roger G. Redfield Proctor: A Study in Leadership -- The Vermont Period. Glyndon VanDeusen
9 1955 Pease, William Henry William Channing Gannett: A Social Biography. Glyndon VanDeusen
10 1956 Bass, Herbert J. "I am a Democrat": The Political Career of David Bennett Hill, 1885 - 1892. Glyndon VanDeusen
11 1956 Kirkwood, Robert Politics and Foreign Policy: The Role of Foreign Policy in Presidential Campaigns and Elections, 1896 - 1912. Dexter Perkins
12 1956 Steely, Will Frank Antislavery in Kentucky, 1850-1860. Glyndon VanDeusen
13 1957 Crandall Jr., John Curtis Images and Ideals for Young Americans: A Study of American Juvenile Literature, 1825 - 1860. Richard C. Wade
14 1957 Disbrow, Donald Willis The Progressive Movement in Philadelphia, 1910 - 1916. Richard C. Wade
15 1957 Tolf, Robert W. Edmund Quincy: Aristocrat Abolitionist. Glyndon VanDeusen
16 1957 Wiebe, Robert Huddleston The Response of American Businessmen to the National Progressive Movement, 1901 - 1916. Richard C. Wade
17 1958 Crouthamel, James Leon James Watson Webb and the New York Courier and Enquirer, 1827 - 1861. Glyndon VanDeusen
18 1958 Resek, Carl Peter American Scholar: The Life and Thought of Louis Henry Morgan. Richard C. Wade.
19 1959 Brune, Lester Hugo The Foundations of American Air Power Doctrine, Aviation and National Defense: 1919 - 1933; A Study of the Relationship Between Force Weapons, Power Concepts, and Foreign Policy. Charles Vevier
20 1959 Leach, David Miles The American Approach to Neutrality: A Study in the Evolution of an Idea with Special Emphasis upon the "New Neutrality" of the 1930's. Dexter Perkins
21 1959 Whelan, Joseph, G. William Henry Seward, Expansionist Dexter Perkins
22 1960 Dubofsky, Melvyn New York City in the Progressive Era, 1910 - 1918: A Study of Organized Labor in an Era of Reform. Glyndon VanDeusen
23 1960 Muntz, Ernest G. The First Whig Governor of New York, William Henry Seward, 1838 - 1842. Glyndon VanDeusen
24 1961 Bragdon, Chandler Canadian Attitudes to the Foreign Policy of the United States in the Period 1935 - 1939. Mason Wade
25 1961 Cohen, David K. The Social Theory of Auguste Comte (1819 - 1826) John Christopher
26 1961 Donald, Aida DiPace Prelude to Civil War: The Decline of the Whig Party in New York 1848 - 1852. Glyndon VanDeusen
27 1961 Parkman, Aubrey Lawrence David Jayne Hill Glyndon VanDeusen
28 1961 Ullmann, Walter The Quebec Bishops and Confederation. Mason Wade
29 1961 Wesser, Robert F. Charles Evans Hughes and New York Politics: 1905 - 1910. Glyndon VanDeusen
30 1962 Beyer, Barry K. Thomas E. Dewey, 1937 - 1947: A Study in Political Leadership. Glyndon VanDeusen
31 1962 Cuthbertson, William Welsh William Allen White and the Emporia Gazette, 1895 - 1944. Glyndon VanDeusen
32 1964 Johnson, Patricia Carley Sensitivity and Civil War: The Selected Diaries and Papers, 1858 - 1866, of Frances Adeline (Fanny) Seward. Glyndon VanDeusen
33 1964 Wheeler, Kenneth William Early Urban Development in Texas, 1836 - 1865. Richard Wade
34 1964 Brooks, Robin Melancton Smith: New York Anti - Federalist, 1744 - 1798. Glyndon VanDeusen
35 1964 Knapp, Vincent J. The Arbeiter - Zeitung: The Mirror of Austrian Social Democracy. Arthur J. May
36 1964 Krantz, Charles Krzentowski The British Secularist Movement: A Study in Militant Dissent. Willson Coates
37 1964 Schoenhals, Kai Peter The Russian Policy of Count Friedrich Ferdinand Von Beust, 1866 - 1871. Arthur May
38 1964 Shapiro, Herbert Lincoln Steffens: The Evolution of an American Radical Milton Berman
39 1964 Spinner Jr., Thomas John George Joachim Goschen 1831 - 1907, British Statesman and Politician. Willson Coates
40 1964 Valaik, John David American Catholics and the Spanish Civil War, 1931 - 1939 Mason Wade
41 1965 Anchor, Robert Community and History in Johann Gottfried Herder. Hayden White
42 1965 Sharrow, Walter George William Henry Seward: A Study in Nineteenth Century Politics and Nationalism, 1855 - 1861 Glyndon VanDeusen
43 1965 Tager, Jack The Search for Freedom: Brand Whitlock and Urban Reform. Bernard Weisberger
44 1965 Drimmer, Melvin Nietzsche in American Thought, 1895 - 1925. Richard Wade
45 1965 O'Brien, David J. American Catholic Social Thought in the 1930's. Milton Berman
46 1965 Stearns, Owen Philip James Bryce and American Democracy (1870 - 1922). Milton Berman
47 1966 Rawlyk, George A. New England and Louisbourg, 1744 - 1745. Mason Wade
48 1966 Towle, Edward L. Science, Commerce and the Navy on the Seafaring Frontier (1842 - 1861) Bernard Weisberger
49 1966 Struever, Nancie Schermerhorn Rhetoric and Historical Consciousness in Italian Humanism: Rhetorical and Historical Modes in Coluccio Salutati, Leonardo Bruni, and Poggio Bracciolini. Hayden White
50 1966 Warshaw, Daniel Paul Leroy - Beaulieu, Bourgeois Ideologist: A Study of the Social, Intellectual, and Economic Sources of Late Nineteenth Century Imperialism. John Christopher
51 1966 Winchester, Richard James G. Blaine and the Ideology of American Expansionism. Christopher Lindley
52 1967 Aiken, John Robert Utopianism and the Emergence of the Colonial Legal Profession: New York, 1664 - 1710, A Test Case. Milton Berman
53 1967 Huff, Robert Arthur Frederic C. Howe, Progressive. Milton Berman
54 1967 Pauley, Bruce Frederick Hahnenschwanz and Swastika. The Styrian Heimatschutz and Austrian National Socialism, 1918 - 1934. Arthur May and A. William Salomone
55 1967 Bachman, James Robert James Lothrop Stoddard: The Bio - Sociological Battle for Civilization. Milton Berman
56 1967 Goist, Park Dixon The City as Organism: Two Recent American Theories of the City. Milton Berman
57 1967 Morchain, Janet Kerr Anti - Americanism in Canada, 1871 - 1891. Mason Wade
58 1967 Reinitz, Richard Martin Symbolism and Freedom: The Use of Biblical Typology as an Argument for Religious Toleration in Seventeenth Century England and America. Loren Baritz
59 1968 Thorn III, William Henry Russia and the British Periodical Press, 1856 - 1903: A Study of Attitudes Toward Russian Internal Affairs. Arthur May
60 1968 Davis, Lawrence B. The Baptist Response to Immigration in the United States, 1880 - 1925. Milton Berman
61 1968 Haight, Jeffrey Charles Tallyrand and History. John Christopher
62 1968 McArthur, Gilbert H. The Novikov Circle in Moscow, 1779 - 1792. Sidney Monas
63 1969 Hett, Robert Ralph John Charlton, Liberal Politician and Free Trade Advocate. Mason Wade
64 1969 McMurchy, Donald John Arnold David Mills, Nineteenth Century Canadian Liberal. Mason Wade
65 1969 Siff, Paul Views of Business in the American Business Press, 1840 - 1860. Bernard Weisberger
66 1969 Campbell, Stuart Lorin Historical Objectives and Objective History: Perspectives on the Historiography of the Second Empire. John Christopher
67 1969 Dunn, Edward Thomas Tutor Henry Flynt of Harvard College, 1675 - 1760. John Waters
68 1969 Hundert, Edward J. The Conception of Work and the Worker in Early Industrial England. Studies of an Ideology in Transition. Perez Zagorin
69 1969 Muller III, H. N. The Commercial History of the Lake Champlain - Richelieu River Route, 1760 - 1815. Mason Wade
70 1969 Pease, Jane Hanna The Freshness of Fanaticism. Abby Kelley Foster: An Essay in Reform. Herbert Gutman
71 1969 Szasz, Ferenc Morton Three Fundamentalist Leaders: The Roles of William Bell Riley, John Roach Straton, and William Jennings Bryan in the Fundamentalist - Modernist Controversy. Milton Berman
72 1970 Morris, John David The New York State Whigs, 1834 - 1842: A Study of Political Organization. Milton Berman
73 1970 Agocs, Sandor The Party of God: Pope Pius X and the Social Doctrine of the Church. A. William Salomone
74 1970 Amato, Joseph Anthony Emmanuel Mournier and Jacques Maritain: A French Catholic Understanding of the Modern World. A. William Salomone
75 1970 Arthur, David Tallmadge "Come Out of Babylon": A Study of Millerite Separatism and Denominationalism, 1840 - 1865. Milton Berman
76 1970 Feldberg, Michael The Philadelphia Riots of 1844: A Social History. Herbert Gutman
77 1970 Garner, Reuben Watchdogs of Empire: The French Colonial Inspection Service in Action, 1815 - 1913. A. William Salomone
78 1970 Meehan, Brenda M. The Russian Generalitet of 1730: Towards a Definition of Aristocracy. Michael Cherniavsky
79 1970 Ostrower, Gary Bert The United States, The League of Nations, and Collective Security, 1931 - 1934. Akira Iriye
80 1971 Burki, Mary Ann Mason Paul Scharrenberg: White Shirt Sailor. Milton Berman
81 1971 Lavigna, Claire Anna Kuliscioff: From Russian Populism to Italian Reformism, 1873 - 1913. A. William Salomone
82 1971 Magdol, Edward Owen Lovejoy: Abolitionist in Congress.
83 1971 Morton, Susan Hammond The Idea of the Gentleman in Modern England. R. J. Kaufmann
84 1971 Pernicone, Nunzio The Italian Anarchist Movement: The Years of Crisis, Decline, and Transformation (1879 - 1894) A. William Salomone
85 1971 Tennis, Diane Theological Thinking and Historical Narrative. Willson Coates
86 1971 Twomey, Rosemary K. From Pure Church to Pure Nation: Massachusetts Bay, 1630 - 1692. Loren Baritz
87 1971 Woy, Jean Lampert Envoys of the Queen: Aspects of the Elizabethan Diplomatic Service. Perez Zagorin
88 1972 Walkowitz, Daniel J. Working Class Culture in the Gilded Age: The Iron Workers of Troy, New York, and the Cotton Workers of Cohoes New York -- 1855 - 1884. Herbert Gutman
89 1972 Banker, James Roderick Giovanni di Bonandrea's Ars Dictaminis Treatise and the Doctrine of Invention in the Italian Rhetorical Tradition of the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries. Marvin Becker
90 1972 Akin, William Ernest Technology and the American Dream: the Technocracy Movement, 1919 - 1936. Milton Berman
91 1972 Belle, Lawrence William A Renaissance Patrician: Palla di Nofri, 1372 - 1462. Marvin Becker
92 1972 Carey, Ann T. Ernst Niekisch and National Bolshevism in Weimar Germany. Arthur Mitzman
93 1972 Cywar, Alan Sigmund An Inquiry Into American Thought and the Determinate Influence of Political, Economic, and Social Factors in the Early Twentieth Century: Bourne, Dewey, Du Bois, Nearing, Veblen, and Weyl. Christopher Lasch
94 1972 Devendittis, Paul J. Luigi Albertini and the Crisis of Italian Liberalism: The Corriere Della Sera as a Political Organ in the Giolittian Era, 1900 - 1914. A. William Salomone
95 1972 Kellner, Hans Dodds Frederic Le Play and the Development of Modern Sociology. John Christopher
96 1972 Leed, Eric J. From Experience to Ideology: An Analysis of the Images of War in German War Literature, 1914 - 1930. Sidney Monas
97 1973 Kuzminski, Adrian The Languages of the World: The Dilemmas of Rationalist Thought and the Linguistic Metaphysics of George Berkeley. R. J. Kaufmann
98 1973 Shaw, Douglas Vincent The Making of an Immigrant City: Ethnic and Cultural Conflict in Jersey City, New Jersey, 1850 - 1877. Herbert Gutman
99 1973 Bram, Marvin On the Crisis of Intellection. R. J. Kaufmann
100 1973 Dirlik, Arif Revolution and History: Debates on Chinese Social History, 1928 - 1933. Ralph Croizier
101 1973 Gurevitz, Baruch National Communism in the Soviet Union: 1918 - 1928. Michael Cherniavsky
102 1973 Kutolowski, Kathleen Smith The Social Composition of Political Leadership: Genesee County, New York, 1821 - 1860. Ronald Formisano
103 1973 Mapes, Lynn Gordon Iron Age: An Iron Manufacturer's Journal and the "Labor Problem" in the Age of Enterprise. Herbert Gutman
104 1973 Millard, Michael Brookhart Russian Revolutionary Emigration, Terrorism, and the "Political Struggle." Michael Cherniavsky
105 1973 Pernicone, Carol Groneman The "Bloody Ould Sixth": A Social Analysis of a New York City Working Class Community in the Mid Nineteenth Century. Herbert Gutman
106 1973 Thibault, Claude Canada's External Relations, 1600 - 1969: A Bibliography. (Les Relations Exterieures du Canada, 1600 - 1969: Une Bibliographie). Mason Wade
107 1973 Woolley, Bruce Chapman Reverend Thomas Shepard's Cambridge Church Members, 1636 - 1649: A Socio - Economic Analysis. John Waters
108 1974 Garlock, Jonathan Ezra A Structural Analysis of the Knights of Labor: A Prolegomenon to the History of the Producing Classes. Stanley Engerman
109 1974 Jacoby, Russell Marxism and the Politics of Subjectivity: Towards A History of the Frankfurt School. Christopher Lasch
110 1974 Noble, David Franklin Science and Technology in the Corporate Search for Order: American Engineers and Social Reform, 1900 - 1929. Christopher Lasch
111 1974 Strumingher, Laura S. Les Canutes Sanford Elwitt
112 1974 Sweet, Leonard I. Black Images of America, 1784 - 1920 Milton Berman
113 1974 Walkowitz, Judith R. "We Are Not Beasts of the Field": Prostitution and the Campaign Against the Contagious Diseases Acts, 1869 - 1886. R.J. Kaufman
114 1975 Allison, Peter Bradley George Wyndham: Romantic Conservative, (1863 - 1913) Willson Coates
115 1975 Ceccarelli, G. Paolo Francesco Crispi and Italian Politics: 1887 - 1891. A. William Salomone
116 1975 Harmon, John Clifford The Political and Constitutional Ideas Arising from the Irish Rebellion of 1641. Perez Zagorin
117 1975 Lynn, Mary Constance Some Aspects of the Changing Position of Women in America, 1920 - 1929 Loren Baritz
118 1975 Mayzel, Matitiahu The Russian General Staff During the Revolution Sidney Monas
119 1975 O'Brien Jr., John Thomas From Bondage to Citizenship: The Richmond Black Community, 1865 - 1867. Eugene Genovese
120 1975 Roby, Yves Reactions des Quebecois aux Investissements Americains. Mason Wade and Milton Berman
121 1975 Urbanski, Adam Americanism and the Polish American Press, 1916 - 1925. Milton Berman
122 1975 Rohr, Gerhard H. The Revolt of the Jungen: A Study of Conflicts Within German Social Democracy at the end of the "Anti Socialist Law". A. William Salomone
123 1976 Sullivan Smith, Bonnie Gene The Women of the Lille Bourgeoisie, 1850 - 1914. Sanford Elwitt
124 1976 Folts Jr., James Donald In Search of "Civil Life": An Intellectual Biography of Poggio Bracciolini (1380 - 1459). Marvin Becker
125 1976 Goldberg, Rochelle Lois The Russian Women’s Movement: 1859 - 1917. Sidney Monas and Brenda Meehan-Waters
126 1976 Kearney, Helen McCready American Images of the Middle East, 1824 - 1924: A Century of Antipathy. Milton Berman
127 1976 Lesnick, Daniel Richard Popular Dominican Preaching in Early Fourteenth Century Florence. Donald Kelley and Marvin Becker
128 1977 Blatt, Joel Richard French Reaction to Italy, Italian Fascism, and Mussolini, 1919 - 1925: The Views from Paris and the Palazzo Farnesse. A. William Salomone
129 1977 Leach, William Riley For Better or Worse: The Social Ideas of the American Feminist Movement, 1850 - 1875. Christopher Lasch
130 1977 McGowan, James Thomas Creation of a Slave Society: Louisiana Plantations in the Eighteenth Century. Eugene Genovese
131 1977 Neebe, Eloise C. Time and the Philosophy of History: The Thought of Henri LeFebvre, Claude Levi - Strauss, Jean - Paul Sartre, Marc Bloch, Lucien Febvre, and Fernand Braudel. A. William Salomone
132 1977 Robinson, Armstead Louis The Day of Jubilo: Civil War and the Demise of Slavery in the Mississippi Valley, 1861 - 1865. Eugene Genovese and Stanley Engerman
133 1977 Weinbaum, Paul Owen Mobs and Demagogues: the Response to Collective Violence in New York City in the Early Nineteenth Century. Herbert Gutman
134 1977 Apsel, Joyce Freedman The Kibbutz: An Historical Perspective. John Christopher
135 1977 Beck, Brandon H. The English Image of the Ottoman Empire, 1580 - 1710. Perez Zagorin
136 1977 Bidwell, William Bradford The Committees and Legislation of the Rump Parliament, 1648 - 1653: A Quantitative Study. Perez Zagorin
137 1977 D'Amico, John Francis Humanism and Theology at Papal Rome: 1480 - 1520. Donald Kelley
138 1977 Eshelman, Nancy Gorman Angelica Balabanoff and the Italian Socialist Movement: From the Second International to Zimmerwald. A. William Salomone
139 1977 Fink, Leon Reynold Workingmen’s Democracy: The Knights of Labor in Local Politics, 1886 - 1896. Herbert Gutman
140 1977 Gordon, Michael Allen Studies in Irish and Irish American Thought and Behavoir in Gilded Age New York City. Herbert Gutman
141 1977 Hanin, Eric Michael War on Our Minds: The American Mass Media in World War II. Christopher Lasch
142 1978 Kealey, Gregory Sean The Working Class Response to Industrial Capitalism in Toronto, 1867 - 1892. Herbert Gutman
143 1978 Klein, Dennis B. Jewish Origins of the Psychoanalytic Movement. William McGrath
144 1978 Shedel, James Peter The Wiener Secession in its Social and Political Context, 1897 - 1914. An Aspect of the Problem of Modernity in Fin de Siecle Austria. William McGrath.
145 1978 Borghese, Arthur Anthony From Riot to Strike: A Study of the Working Class of Mulhouse, 1847 - 1870. John Christopher
146 1978 Frader, Laura Levine The Working Class in the Wine Industry of Lower Languedoc: Coursan, 1850 - 1914. Sanford Elwitt
147 1979 Eltis, David The Transatlantic Slave Trade, 1821 - 1843. Stanley Engerman
148 1979 Isserman, Maurice Peat Bog Soldiers: The American Communist Party During the Second World War, 1939 - 1945. Eugene Genovese
149 1979 McLane, Bernard William The Royal Courts and the Problem of Disorder in Lincolnshire, 1290 - 1341. Richard Kaeuper
150 1980 Isaacs, Tina Beth Moral Crime, Moral Reform, and the State in Early Eighteenth Century England: A Study of Piety and Politics. Perez Zagorin
151 1980 More, Ellen Singer The New Arminians: John Goodwin and his Coleman Street Congregation in Cromwellian England. Perez Zagorin
152 1980 Ringling, Fritz Wolfgang Sixteenth Century Merchant Capitalism: The Haug - Langnauer - Link - and Relatives of Augsburg as a Case Study. Donald Kelley
153 1980 Haigh, Elizabeth Brucholz New York Anti - Masons, 1826 - 1833. Christopher Lasch
154 1980 Levine, Bruce C. "In the Spirit of 1848": German - Americans and the Fight over Slavery's Expansion. Stanley Engerman
155 1980 Mills, Patti Ann Spiritual Correction in the Mid-Evil Church Courts of Canterbury. Richard Kaeuper
156 1981 Berenson, Edward Gary Populist Religion and the Republican Left in France, 1848 - 1851: The Diffusion of Democrate Socialist Ideology in the French Countryside. Stanford Elwitt
157 1981 Cole, Thomas Richard Past Meridian: Aging and the Northern Middle Class. 1830 - 1930. Christopher Lasch
158 1981 Mitchell, Brian Christopher Immigrants in Utopia: The Early Irish Community of Lowell, Massachusetts, 1821 - 1861. Milton Berman and Mary Young
159 1981 Dudden, Faye From Help to Domestics: American Servants; 1800 - 1880. Christopher Lasch
160 1981 Rosenbloom, Nancy Jean Cincinnati's Common Schools: The Politics of Reform, 1829 - 1852. Mary Young
161 1982 Deal III, Joseph Douglas Race and Class in Colonial Virginia: Indians, Englishmen, and Africans on the Eastern Shore During the Seventeenth Century. Eugene Genovese
162 1982 Sfasciotti, Ginevra Marie Between Two Revolutions: The Decline and Fall of the Bourbons of Naples, 1848 - 1860. A. William Salomone
163 1982 Dickerson II, Charles Edward The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and The Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World: A Comparative Study of Euro - American and Afro - American Secret Societies. Milton Berman
164 1982 Kamerick, Sheila The Political Thought of Mirabeau. Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
165 1982 Oberly, James Warren Acres and Old Men: Military Bounty Land Warrants: 1847 - 1860. Stanley Engerman
166 1982 Paquette, Robert Louis The Conspiracy of La Escalera: Colonial Society and Politics in Cuba in the Age of Revolution. Eugene Genovese
167 1982 Sklar, Martin J. The Corporate Reconstruction of American Society, 1896 - 1914: The Market and the Law. Eugene Genovese
168 1983 Volkman, Pamela B. From Heroics to Dissent: A Study of the Thought and Psychology of English Nonconformity, 1660 - 1700, Through Autobiography. Perez Zagorin
169 1983 Hardisky, David The Rochester General Strike of 1946. Christopher Lasch
170 1984 Emch-Deriaz, Antoinette Suzanne Towards A Social Conception of Health in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century: Tissot (1728 - 1797) and the New Preoccupation with Health and Well - Being. Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
171 1984 Goggin, Jacqueline Anne Carter G. Woodson and the Movement to Promote Black History. Eugene Genovese
172 1984 Mill, Ann Wendy Self Financing in the French Iron and Steel Industry, 1865 - 1895. Sanford Elwitt
173 1984 Brooks, Evelyn The Women’s Movement in the Black Baptist Church, 1880 - 1920. Eugene Genovese
174 1984 McPartland, Mary Jane Paul Valery and the Politics of L' Esprit. William McGrath
175 1984 Miller, Timothy Charles Censorship and Policy Under Francis I, 1515 – 1547: An Episode in the History of Thought Control. Donald Kelley
176 1984 Crimando, Thomas Ignatius France and the Council of Trent, 1560 - 1589. Donald Kelley
177 1984 Friedrich, Mark Neilsohn Secular Society in an Ecclesiastical State: A Study of the City of Mainz During the Sixteenth Century. Perez Zagorin
178 1985 Fairfield, John D. Neighborhood and Metropolis: The Origins of Modern Urban Planning, 1877 - 1935. Christopher Lasch
179 1985 Vogelstein, Ingeborg Berlin Johann Sleidan's Commentaries: Vantage Point of a Second Generation Lutheran. Donald Kelley
180 1986 Parrow, Kathleen Ann The Use of Defense and Just War Concepts During the French Wars of Religion: A Preliminary Study in the Justification of Violence. Donald Kelley
181 1986 Weiner, Marli Francis Plantation Mistresses and Female Slaves: Gender, Race, and South Carolina Women, 1830 - 1880. Eugene Genovese
182 1986 Clarke-Hazlett, Christopher Sanborn The Road to Dependency: Policy Planning, and the Rationalization of American Agriculture, 1920 - 1945. Christopher Lasch
183 1986 Dowbiggin, Ian Robert The Professional, Cultural, and Sociopolitical Dimensions of Psychiatric Theory in France, 1840 - 1900. William McGrath
184 1987 Blake, Casey Nelson Beloved Community: The Cultural Criticism of Randolph Bourne, Van Wyck Brooks, Waldo Frank, and Lewis Mumford. Christopher Lasch
185 1987 Kunze, Bonnelyn Young The Family, Social, and Religious Life of Margaret Fell. Perez Zagorin
186 1987 Schnittman, Suzanne Gehring Slavery in Virginia's Urban Tobacco Industry, 1840 - 1860. Stanley Engerman
187 1987 Brautigam, Dwight Diehl The Parliament of 1626. Perez Zagorin
188 1987 Stevens, Carolyn A Suffragette and A Man; Sylvia Pankhurst's Personal and Political Relationship with Keir Hardie, 1892 - 1915. Brenda Meehan Waters
189 1987 Dutter, Gordon French Foreign and Economic Relations Under the Popular Front Governments. Sanford Elwitt
190 1987 Samson, Gloria Garrett Toward A New Social Order -- The American Fund For Public Service: Clearinghouse for Radicalism in the 1920's. Christopher Lasch
191 1987 Steigerwald, David Between Two Worlds: Centrist Liberals and the Internationalist Impulse In America, 1914 - 1940. Christopher Lasch
192 1988 Newman, James Jacob "To Plow the Same Five Times": Estate Management and Agricultural Change in the Genesee Valley of New York State, 1810 - 1865. Mary Young
193 1988 Heffron, John Marcher Science, Southernness, and Vocationalism: Rockefeller's "Comprehensive System" and the Reorganization of Secondary School Science Education, 1900 - 1920. Christopher Lasch
194 1989 Pedersen, Kai Roger The United States and Norwegian Reconstruction, 1945 - 1953. MacGregor Knox
195 1989 Valone, Stephen James "A Policy Of Such Common Interest": The United States and the Diplomacy of the China Arms Embargo, 1919 - 1929. MacGregor Knox
196 1990 Akam, Everett Helmut Pluralism and the Search for Community: The Social Thought of the American Cultural Pluralists. Christopher Lasch
197 1990 MacGregor, David Innovation in Naval Warfare in Britain and the United States Between the First and Second World Wars. MacGregor Knox
198 1990 Moore, Wayne Clark Farm Communities and Economic Growth in the Lower Tennessee Valley: Humphreys County Tennessee, 1785 - 1980. Christopher Lasch
199 1990 Giles, Philip L. Workingman and Theologian: Edward Henry Rogers (1824 - 1909) and the Impact of Evangelicalism on the Making of the American Working Class. Christopher Lasch
200 1991 Gurstein, Rochelle Faye The Repeal of Reticence: A History of Privacy, Obscenity, and Exposure, 1873 - 1934. Christopher Lasch
201 1991 Malone, Carolyn Ann Sex In Industry: Protective Labor Legislation in England, 1891 - 1914. Bonnie Smith
202 1991 Malvasi, Mark G. Risen From the Bloody Sod: Recovering the Southern Tradition. Eugene Genovese
203 1991 Rowland, Leslie Suzanne Emancipation and the Black Military Experience During the American Civil War. John Waters
204 1991 Cloyd, Donald Stephen Weimar Republicanism: Political Sociology and Constitutional Law in Weimar Germany, 1919 - 1933. William McGrath
205 1991 DeGroat, Judith Ann The Work and Lives of Women in the Parisian Manufacturing Trades, 1830 - 1848. Bonnie Smith
206 1991 Hawkins, Kenneth Blair The Therapeutic Landscape: Nature, Architecture, and Mind in Nineteenth Century America. Christopher Lasch
207 1992 Lloyd, Jennifer "Thunder on the Horizon": The Influence of His Historical View on the Work of John Ruskin. Stewart Weaver
208 1992 Shindo, Charles Jogi Voices of the Migrant: Democracy and Culture in the Dust Bowl: Works of John Steinbeck, John Ford, and Woody Guthrie. Robert Westbrook
209 1992 Chappell, David Lincoln White Southerners in the Civil Rights Movement. Christopher Lasch
210 1992 Kelly, Catherine E. Between Town and Country: New England Women and the Creation of a Provincial Middle Class, 1820 - 1860. Christopher Lasch
211 1992 Roper, Louis Holmes Conceptions of America: South Carolina and the Peopling of a Wilderness. John Waters
212 1992 Tumber, Catherine A Politics of the Higher Self: Feminism, Progressivism, and Psychotherapeutics, 1875 - 1910. Christopher Lasch
213 1993 Gordon, Ian Envisioning Consumer Culture: Comic Strips, Comic Books, and Advertising in America, 1890 - 1945. Robert Westbrook
214 1993 Saylor, Thomas The Origins and Effectiveness of Social Welfare Programs at Siemans: Berlin to 1914. William McGrath
215 1993 Wisner, David A. The Cult of the Legislator in France, 1750 - 1830: A Study in the Espirit Philosophique and the Political Imagination of the French Enlightenment. William McGrath
216 1993 Mason, Cathy Diane "A Dream of Beauty for the World": The Life and Work of Eva Gore Booth, 1870 - 1926. Bonnie Smith
217 1993 Pierce, Morris Albert The Introduction of Direct Pressure Water Supply, Cogeneration, and District Heating in Urban and Institutional Communities, 1863 - 1882. Stanley Engerman
218 1993 Togut, Michelle Beth Striking up for a New World: The Intellectual Odyssey of Robert Maynard Hutchins. Christopher Lasch
219 1993 Graham, Laura From Patriarchy to Paternalism: Disestablished Clergymen and the Manual Labor School Movement in Antebellum America. Robert Westbrook
220 1993 Sheets, James Steven Adam Ferguson: The "Good Preceptor of Empire." Perez Zagorin
221 1994 Lent, Tina Olsin Situating THE AMERICANS: Robert Frank and the Transformation of American Photography. Christopher Lasch
222 1994 Sterling, David Mays The Committee For Sequestration of Delinquents and Papists' Estates: A Study in Parliamentary Administration. Perez Zagorin
223 1994 Bean, Philip A. Fatherland and Adopted Land: Irish - German - and Italian - American Nationalism (1865 - 1950) Daniel Borus
224 1994 Mattson, Kevin Creating a Democratic Public: The Struggle for Urban Participatory Democracy During the Progressive Era, 1890 - 1920. Robert Westbrook
225 1994 Morris, Colin Jeffrey Virtuosity and Theatricality: A Study of William Dunlap and Charles Brockden Brown. Daniel Borus
226 1995 Bohna, Montgomery Royal Lordship and Regional Power: The King's Affinity and Informal Government in Lincolnshire, 1460 - 1485. Richard Kaeuper
227 1995 Conable, Mary Henderson A Steady Enemy: The Ogden Land Company and the Seneca Indians. Mary Young
228 1995 Chalmers, Mary E. Harnessing Revolutionary Passions: The French Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, 1832 - 1848. Bonnie Smith
229 1995 Gundlach, Bradley John The Evolution Question at Princeton, 1845 - 1929. Robert Westbrook
230 1995 Corey, Mary E. Matilda Joslyn Gage: Woman Suffrage Historian, 1852 - 1898. Mary Young
231 1995 Overacker, Ingrid M. And the Work Was Accomplished: The African American Church Community in Rochester, New York, 1900 - 1940. Mary Young
232 1995 Phelps, Christopher Brooks Young Sidney Hook: Marxism and Pragmatism, Revolution and Democracy. Robert Westbrook
233 1996 Savella, Italo G. Mussolini's "Fouche": Arturo Bocchini, The Fascist OVRA, and the Italian Police Tradition. MacGregor Knox
234 1996 Scalzo, Joseph "Tommaso Campanella and the Problem of Dissimulation in Counter - Reformation Italy. Donald Kelley
235 1997 Taddeo, Julie Anne The Last Eminent Victorian: Lytton Strachey and the Myth of the Modernist Rebellion. Bonnie Smith
236 1997 Rourke Edwards, Rebecca Anne Words Made Flesh: Nineteenth Century Deaf Education and the Growth of Deaf Culture. Robert Westbrook
237 1997 Meyers, Debra A. Religion, Women, and the Family in Maryland, 1634 - 1713. John Waters
238 1997 Peniston, William Anthony "Pederasts and Others": A Social History of Male Homosexuals in the Early Years of the French Third Republic. Bonnie Smith
239 1998 Adams (Zackheim), Sara Amy Creating Amature Professionals: British Voluntary Aid Detachment Nurses and the First World War. Stewart Weaver
240 1998 Caton, Scott Brenon The Compleat Minister: the DE PROFUNDIS Sermons of Jonathan Mitchel. John Waters
241 1998 Rulof, Bernard Johann J. The Struggle for Legitimist Hegemony: A Study of the Royalist Movement in Montpellier. Bonnie Smith
242 1998 Rosier, Paul Carrick "The Old System is No Success": The Indian Reorganization Act and the Political Economy of "Self Support" on the Blackfeet Reservation, 1912 - 1954. Mary Young
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