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Medical Center GG Wing (6500-6900) & OO Wing (6800)

OO Wing adjacent to O Wing, from A brief history of the University of Rochester Atomic Energy Project from 1943-1968, by Henry Alexander Blair

GG and OO Wings in 1968

OO Wing opened in late 1966 to provide research and instruction facilities for the Department of Radiation Biology and Biophysics, as a part of the Medical School's Atomic Energy Project.  GG Wing opened in 1967 to house general research, animal housing and extra office and laboratory space.  It was built on the site of the 1922 Animal House, which was demolished.

1965 "Construction to Begin Soon at Med Center," Democrat and Chronicle, January 9, 1965, Page 3B.
Construction of two eight-story wings costing about $7.5 million will get under way this month at the University of Rochester Medical Center, LaRoy B. Thompson, UR vice president and treasurer, announced yesterday. The buildings, which will provide 187,000 square feet of floor space, will be built on the north side of the medical center near Elmwood Avenue. The Zoning Board of Appeals approved the projects Thursday. One wing for general research, animal housing and extra office and laboratory space will be built on the present site of the 40-year-old animal house, which will be demolished. The second wing will provide research and instruction facilities for the UR Medical School's Atomic Energy Project. The projects are part of a $40 million long-range expansion and renovation of the medical center complex, between Crittenden Boulevard and Elmwood Avenue. A substantial part of the cost of the new wings will be met through a $3,172,736 grant from the National Institutes of Health, as announced a year ago. The balance will come from the Atomic Energy Commission, private gifts and university funds.

1965 "Digging Begins For New Research Wings, Will Add Two Eight-Story Buildings," University Record 5(2):1 (February 1965)
Picture of the Animal House demolition

1965 "UR's Old Animal House Reduced to Rubble Pile," Democrat and Chronicle, February 13, 1965, Page 3B.

1966 "Tomorrow On The Campus," Democrat and Chronicle, September 25, 1966, Page 1M.
New Hospital Planned a 3-Tower Complex
Although parts of the construction timetable are indefinite, here's a general picture of how the program will be accomplished: New wing housing animal quarters and research: Construction is under way, and is expected to be completed next spring. It is located on the Elmwood Avenue side of the present Medical Center building. Expansion of Department of Radiation Biology and Biophysics: Nearly complete; the building is scheduled for completion before the end of the year.

1967 "What's Ahead on the Skyline," Democrat and Chronicle, September 25, 1966, Page 2M.
University of Rochester; New research and teaching wing of Department of Radiation Biology to open early in year; Nuclear Structure Laboratory completed last summer. Medical Center wing for research facilities and quarters for animals to be completed in early spring; part of heating plant expansion completed this year. Work to start on six-story education wing at Medical Center an on temporary expansion of emergency department of Strong Memorial Hospital.

1967 "Colleges Cram for Big Expansions," Democrat and Chronicle, January 22, 1967, Page 8S.
Projects Completed during 1966 at the U. of R. included the nuclear structure laboratory, $1.7 million; a University Medical Center addition for the department of radiation biology and biophysics, $2.8 million. In progress were a medical center wing containing research facilities and quarters for animals used in research, $4.5 million; a modernization and expansion of the heating plant, $5 million. Both are scheduled for completion this year. Planned to start this year are: expansion of Rush Rhees Library with a new wing, $6.4 million; six-floor space science center, $1.5 million; six four-story undergraduate dormitories, $4.4 million; a chemistry-biology building, $11.5 million; six-story education wing at the medical center, $10 million; temporary expansion of emergency department at Strong Memorial Hospital, $500,000.

1975 To each his farthest star:  The University of Rochester Medical Center -1925-1975, edited by Edward C. Atwater and John Romano.
Page 252:  The old animal house, the first building constructed at the Medical Center, was torn down in 1965 to make room for the extension northward of G Wing (GG Wing) to house research and animal-care facilities. At the same time, a westward extension from O Wing (OO Wing) was under construction to provide additional space for the Department of Radiation Biology and Biophysics by connecting O Wing to GG Wing (the G Wing extension).  This construction was planned in the late fifties in response to rapidly growing research activity stimulated by funds from the federal government. Sophisticated research laboratories and animal facilities were planned and built. The laboratories were fully utilized almost immediately even though federal funds were much less readily available by the time the building was completed. This immediate use reflected the serious crowding that had occurred in the Medical Center over the preceding years. The animal facilities were not fully required for animal care when the building was completed and many rooms were assigned as laboratories to provide space needed beyond that provided by the laboratory portion of the building. It is planned to reassign this space as it becomes needed for animal care and as space for laboratories is available in the old hospital following the opening of the new. But now it seems probable that it will be several years before the need will be that great and that other laboratory space will be available.

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