Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a tour of the Utility Plant?

Yes. We are happy to provide tours of the plant to groups of 6 to 12 people. Tours last about one hour and are available weekdays between 8am and 3pm by appointment only. Contact Jill Chudyk or Richard Gardner. Contacts
Note that to tour the plant you must be able to walk, climb stairs and follow English verbal directions.

Do you hire students?

Yes. We frequently have student employees or full time co-op students. Keep an eye for jobs posted in the student employment website and/or send us your resume and describe why you would like to work with us. We enjoy working with students. Please note that we are only able to hire one or two at a time.

Can I get access to building energy information?

If you on an official UR network or using VPN, you can access the public portal portals for building energy information here:
River Campus Portal
Medical Center Portal
If you need more information, contact UEM and explain your needs and we will try to help you.

Can I get an account to the professional interface of the Energy Management Information System?

Everyone who has a legitimate business or academic need can have a personal account in the EMIS. Before you request an account, however please look at the public portals and see if they satisfy your needs. If you have a onetime or short-term request for energy data, it may be simpler to request the data instead of setting up an account.

Whom can I contact with energy saving ideas?

Utility and Energy Management appreciates suggestions and ideas from the University community concerning conservation of energy on campus. Please send us an email to tell them your ideas.

How do I get an account in one of the Building Automation Systems (BAS)?

Contact Richard Stein or Don Steltz to explain your need and they will facilitate your access if appropriate. Contacts

Can I visit the Central Utility Plant for reasons other than a tour?

Yes, but we do not accept unexpected visitors or solicitations. Before you visit the CUP, you must have an employee sponsor. You are required to sign our log and follow all directions upon arrival.

Where can I park when visiting the Central Utility Plant?

We only have three visitor parking spaces available at the Central Utility Plant and these spaces are occupied a large percentage of time. Expected visitors can park in these spaces if they are available. After parking, obtain a temporary parking permit from the office assistant in the plant office and place in your windshield. Return the pass before leaving. Contact your UEM employee sponsor for parking directions.

Where can a contractor park when working at the Central Utility Plant?

Contactors who are performing work related to the CUP may park in the “gravel lot” behind the Central Utility Plant. This space is limited and available parking here is not guaranteed. Do not park in this lot if you plan to work somewhere else on campus. Parking in the gravel lot must be preapproved by UEM. Anyone parking there without permission is subject to being ticketed and/or towed.