Courier Services

Courier Delivery Locations

Interoffice mail can be sent without postage to the following locations. However, when sending packages or excessive volumes, delivery fees may apply. Call x5-2001 for details or click on Online Delivery Request Form

River Campus

Interoffice mail is delivered to all River Campus departments.
A department name and Box number is required for delivery.
Undergraduate student mail is delivered to their CMC Box at the Campus Mail Center located in Todd Union.
Includes mail for:

  • 520 Intercampus Drive
  • Brooks Landing Business Center
  • Central Utilities
  • Goler House
  • Medical Center Annex (some areas receive mail through the Medical Center)
  • Staybridge Suites Hotel
  • Towne House

Medical Center Complex

All inter-University mail addressed to the Medical Center Complex is depvered to the Medical Center Mail Office.
A department name and Box number is required for depvery.
Includes mail for:

  • Eastman Dental Center
  • Helen Wood Hall
  • Medical Center Annex (some areas receive mail through the River Campus)
  • Saunders Research Building

Mt. Hope and Nearby Properties

Couriers deliver to the following physical locations, however, a department name and Box number is still required for delivery.

  • 575 Mt Hope Ave
  • 590 Mt Hope Ave
  • 668 Mt Hope Ave
  • 685 Mt Hope Ave
  • Mt Hope Professional Building

South Campus

Department Name and Box numbers are required for delivery.

  • Alumni & Advancement Center
  • University Facilities & Services Building
  • Box numbers are NOT required for delivery.
  • Center for Optoelectronics & Imaging
  • Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Off Campus Centers or Affiliates

  • 211 Bailey Rd - CVRI
  • East High School
  • Eastman Residence Hall
  • Eastman School of Music
  • Highland Hospital
  • Memorial Art Gallery
  • Miller Place
  • Mt. Hope Family Center
  • Sawgrass Surgical Center
  • Sibley Music Library

Other Off-Site Locations

There are a number of regular deliveries to the following locations. Call Courier Services at x5-2001 for specific departments and service details.

  • Clinton Crossings
  • Corporate Woods
  • Meridian Center
  • Monroe Community Hospital
  • Science Parkway
  • Tobey Village
  • Red Creek Drive
  • Westfall Rd
  • White Spruce Blvd
Add or Change Delivery Locations

If your department is moving permanently or temporarily, or if it needs additional delivery locations, daily stops, or specialty runs, call the couriers at x5-2001 for options and quotes.

On-Demand Delivery Charges

A brief description of charges and services is available for customers who wish to get a sense of how On-Demand charges are determined. Remember to call Courier Services at x5-2001 to get an exact quote.
On-Demand Delivery Price Chart

Student Employment

There are two different job opportunities for students. The first is as a Foot Courier, which is based out of the Campus Mail Center in Todd Union, and the other is as a Driver. Both will deliver mail and packages to departments; the Foot Courier to the River Campus, Drivers to the rest of the University Community including Eastman School of Music and the Memorial Art Gallery.

For Drivers, complete driver safety training is provided which may include any or all of our gas, electric (van/ Segway), and hybrid vehicles.
Look for Job Number 13216 on the Student Job Board.

Weather Related Delays / Emergency Conditions

Mail delivery can be impacted during severe weather conditions. All mail and courier deliveries will be suspended upon the declaration of a State of Emergency by Monroe County, or when the Courier Supervisor and the Mail Management Team decide that conditions are such that the safety of pedestrians, other drivers, and courier staff are at risk.

Delivery delays and suspensions will be announced through the Facilities Notification listserv. If you wish to receive these emails please follow the link below and sign up for this service.
Facilities Notification Listserve