Policy & Procedure


*NEW – Course enrollment in MyPath does not include an approval process; however, notification emails are sent to all enrollees and their immediate supervisors as they are indicated in HRMS.

The process through UF&S is to discuss your interest to enroll in a course with your supervisor and obtain any necessary approvals prior to completing the enrollment process. If you enroll in a course that you are not able to attend for any reason, you can withdraw from the course to remove it from your transcript and avoid a ‘no show’ email.

If you are a manager or supervisor and you receive a notification email that someone has enrolled in a class, be aware that you no longer are required to click on a link to approve or deny the enrollment for the course. If an employee enrolls in a course for which he/she is unable to attend, please request the employee to withdraw from the course by clicking the Withdraw button in the My Learning Transcript area of the main page in MyPath.

Review Your Transcript (Training Record) in MyPath

Log into MyPath with your NetID username and passord (same as HRMS). Click the 'View All' button near 'My Learning Transcript' to view all courses.
Use the dropdown arrow that says 'Active' and choose 'Completed' to see all completed courses.

Review Your Transcript (Training Record) in HRMS

Login to HRMS

Choose: Main Menu > Self Service > Learning and Development > Training Summary

IUOE Training Fund Request

The purpose of the fund is to provide training and education to IUOE Employees for the benefit of the University.

Both parties must mutually agree on which training courses will be offered and will jointly recommend the Employees who should attend the training. However, the final decision on Employee registration will be made by the University. In addition to providing training to individuals to enhance their skills in their current position, the University will endeavor to register Employees for courses and seminars which, while they may not be directly applicable to their current job, will benefit the development of the individuals as well as the University.

This fund is not intended to accumulate a reserve. It is designed to provide a constant source of funding for continuous training and education.

Please submit all IUOE training fund requests to Michelle Lewis x35825.

SEIU Training Fund Information

Tuition vouchers, tuition reimbursement, tuition assistance, continuing education courses, and other learning opportunities are available to SEIU employees through the 1199 SEIU Training & Employment Fund. For information about eligibility, registration, and opportunities, please contact Chris Bonawitz using the contact information below.

1199SEIU Training and Employment Fund
259 Monroe Ave., Ste. 220
Rochester, NY 14607
Chris Bonawitz
(585) 730-6411

Tuition Reimbursement

The University of Rochester offers tuition reimbursement as a benefit to eligible employees. Click here more information about eligibility or how to request approval for a course.