Manager's Corner

Assigning a Learning Object

Locate the Learning Object you would like to assign to an employee. (For instructions on how to login to MyPath or locate a Learning Object, click here). You can find Learning Objects by using the Global Search box in the top right corner of MyPath or by going to Browse for Training

Select the Learning Object you wish to assign by clicking on the title. When the Training Details screen displays, click the Assign button

Once the Assign Training screen displays, select the checkbox next to the name of the employee to whom the Learning Object should be assigned. If you are assigning a live Learning Object and there are multiple dates scheduled, you will have to choose which session you would like to assign to the employee. Use the Select Session button to view all scheduled sessions.

Assign a due date if required. This will mostly apply to online Learning Objects. Once a due date is entered, the employee will receive an email to indicate that a Learning Object has been assigned. To complete the assignment of the Learning Object, click Submit.

The Learning Object will now show up on the My Learning Transcript section of the employee’s main MyPath screen.

Viewing Your Team’s Transcripts

To view your team’s transcripts, mouse over the Reports link at the top of the page and choose Standard Reports.

The next page will default to the Track Employees tab. Click Transcripts to see a list of your employees. Click view to view the transcript for that employee.

To view a full transcript with all of your employees’ learning objects, choose Training Status Summary from the Standard Reports page. Enter the desired Date Criteria and click the Search button.