MyPath Help

Accessing MyPath

Login to using your NetID username and password.

Searching for a Specific Course

Type key words into the Search field at the top right of the page. Choose a course or other learning object by clicking on its title. Click Launch to access the course/learning object.
If you ever enroll in a live class you are unable to attend, you can click the Withdraw link next to the course to remove it from your active transcript.

Return to Main Page in MyPath

Whenever you find yourself trying to get back to the main page in MyPath, click the University of Rochester logo at the top left of the page.

Browse Courses

Click the Browse for Training icon. You can browse by subject by clicking each link on the left side of the screen. Facilities-specific courses can be found under the Compliance Training link.

Both the icon next to the title of a course and the description beneath the title describe the type of learning for that object. For instance, the computer screen icon indicates an online class. This could include a full online course or other media, such as a video or article to be viewed online.

The calendar icon indicates a live, instructor-led event. By clicking on an event title, a list of sessions is displayed an employees are able to choose the session that best fits their schedule. The icon that is a stack of books indicates a curriculum, which means it has multiple parts and may be a blended solution. The description under the title will explain the various pieces included for that specific course.

View Learning Transcript

On the Main Page of MyPath, you can view items on your learning transcript that are either assigned or in-progress. Click View All for a more detailed view and change the dropdown from Active to Completed to see all training you have completed.ining hours completed.

To view your aggregate number of training hours, choose Run Transcript Report from the Options dropdown in the top right corner of the page. Click Include Training Detail Information in the Advanced section of the form and then click the box next to Training Hours. Click Run Report at the bottom of the page and an Excel spreadsheet will display with your detailed training transcript. You can save or print this transcript. *Note: Please be patient; it may take several seconds for the spreadsheet to open.

Add External Training to Your Transcript in MyPath

External training may only be entered by the individual to whose transcript it is being added. Login to MyPath using your NetID username and password and click View All next to My Learning Transcript. On the Learning Transcript page, use the dropdown in the upper right corner to choose Add External Training. Complete the form by adding all of the pertinent information about the course. Any certificates or documents can be added in the Attachments section. When finished, click Submit to add the course to your transcript.

External Training can be added prior to attending the class and will show up on your active transcript on the main page of MyPath. Once you have completed or attended the course, login to MyPath and click the Mark Complete link and the course will become part of your completed transcript.

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