Cathy Dierna

Cathy Dierna
Director, UFS Finance and HR
E: CDierna@facilities.rochester.edu
P: (585)275-8597

The UF&S Finance and Human Resources (UFSF & HR) deparment is comprised of finance, human resource, and training professionals supporting these functions for the UF&S organization. Our team strives to support a diverse, qualified, and highly motivated workforce focused on achieving the critical objectives of the UF&S organization through the development, implementation and administration of progressive, cost-effective and results-oriented financial, human resource management and training strategies, policies, programs and practices.

Finance & HR Personnel

Name Job Role Email
Karen Smith Human Resources Administrator (MC) KSmith@facilities.rochester.edu
Sandra Foote Human Resources Administrator (MC) SFoote@facilities.rochester.edu
Michelle Lewis Staff Development Coordinator Michelle.Lewis@ur.rochester.edu
Matt Parr Senior Information Analyst mparr@UR.Rochester.edu
Joanne Conlon Administrator JConlon@facilities.rochester.edu
Jefvern White Administrative Assistant JWhite1@facilities.rochester.edu