Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Shop

Who is eligible to use the Auto Shop?
I have never used the Auto Shop, how do I arrange for service?

Customer Service Center

Why am I put on hold when I call the Customer Service Center?
At times, a mechanic shows up in my area for a call that I did not place. Why does that happen?

Facilities Operations

How do I obtain assistance for scheduled work requirements as opposed to an emergency repair needing immediate response?
Why shouldn't I contact a mechanic directly?

Materials Management

How can I find out if an item is stocked in one of our stockrooms?
I want to order from a new vendor. How do I do this?

Transportation and Parking

What do I do when my parking lot is full?
Why do I have to pay to park?

Learning and Development

What is the UR/IUOE training fund?
How can I request training?