Facilities & Services

Facilities Department Updates Related to COVID-19

Listed below are the latest updates on hours of operation, contact information, service schedules and other changes within Facilities and Services departments. This page will be updated continuously to reflect the most current information.

*NEW* - Non-Medical Center departments can order PPE supplies using the Covid PPE and Sanitizing Supplies Form

Last modified: September 09 2020 9:36 am


Donating Full Unused Supplies

Supplies, including hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, safety glasses, and gloves; food; or money to support these efforts are being accepted for use at the Medical Center. Be sure to review the specific guidelines for what items can be accepted.

It's important that you do NOT bring your donation to one of our hospitals without contacting them first. If you would like to donate supplies or food, email covid19donationsSMH@urmc.rochester.edu. You can also give to the Medical Center COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

Thank you for your efforts in public safety and resource conservation.

Department Updates

Mail and Package Delivery Updates

As of August 17, 2020 campus buildings have re-opened. Mail Services is transitioning away from centralized deliveries. Direct delivery by USPS and parcel carriers to departments will resume and mail and packages will no longer be held for pickup at Mail Services.

If you have any special considerations, please contact Merritt "Woody" Woodward at 275-1013 or mwoodward@facilities.rochester.edu

Medical Center Surplus

The University of Rochester Medical Center Surplus department will be closed on Tuesdays until further notice as the COVID-19 virus continues to impact our community. Call 585-478-1512 to schedule a one-on-one visit for special needs.