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Safe and Separate Storage
for Hazardous Waste

On-site building separate from campus activities that houses and monitors waste inside a controlled environment. Prevents accidents and release of chemicals to the environment.

Solid Waste Tracking

Solid waste shipped to our hauler from each location (recycling as well as disposable waste) is tracked. Knowing how much waste we generate and where allows us to make good decisions regarding the types and number of collection containers needed, to schedule pickups efficiently and trend our waste generation activities.

Solid Waste Recycling

Categories include paper, cardboard, bottles, cans. Each area manager and their staff in conjunction with our waste hauler manage this process for their areas. We receive estimates of how much of each type is recycled from our hauler.

Solid waste in plastic barrels

University Waste Minimization Steering Committee

This is a group that meets periodically to discuss waste-related issues. Members include Medical Center and River Campus Facilities and Services staff, Purchasing, and students. All are welcome.