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Asbestos Program

This is a mandated program to ensure all asbestos abatement and handling is conducted in accordance with NYSDOL, OSHA, and EPA requirements.

Hazardous Waste
Management Program

Our program complies with federal and state hazardous waste regulations to ensure hazardous waste is properly handled from cradle to grave.

Lead Paint Management

This program identifies and properly manages lead-based paint in accordance to applicable regulations. It is also run by the Asbestos Control Group.

Medical Waste Reduction

Non-regulated waste is separated at the source from regulated medical waste collection containers in order to conserve resources needed to treat regulated waste. This improves the University of Rochester's capacity to treated regulated waste and saves money.

medical waste

Tank Compliance Inspection

Each tank is inspected regularly by legal mandate. This ensures tanks are in good condition which reduces the chance of oil spills that could contaminate surface and ground water.