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Energy Competition

Dorm residents compete to reduce their energy and water usage in events such as UR Unplugged and Sustain-a-bowl.

Energy Mountain

Energy mountain is a diagram that lists activities that a person can do in the office and around the UR, and for each activity it states a dollar amount in energy savings. As you climb the mountain of activities, the activity takes more effort but the energy savings is greater.

Lighting Retrofit

T-12 lights and magnetic ballasts were replaced with T-8 lights, HID lights and electronic ballasts, or LED lighting which are more efficient and save energy.

Low Flow Toilets

They can be found in dorms and office buildings and conserve water with a 1.6 gallon flush.

NYS Energy Research & Development

University of Rochester participates in the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority program which financially supports the use of innovation and technology.

Occupancy Sensors

Sensors turn the lights on when they sense someone coming into a room or area, and then turn the lights off some time after sensing the room is empty.

On Off Scheduling

Reduce energy use through on-off scheduling of building systems and outside lights using automated building controls.

Tier 1 Greenhouse Gas Inventory

126,508 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents for CY 2012.

Water Saver
Bathroom Fixtures

Water saving taps and shower heads installed throughout the University.

Wind Power

In 2012, the University of Rochester purchased 11,600,000 renewable energy credits in the form of wind power. The wind power provides enough kilowatt hours to supply energy to the residence halls.

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