University of Rochester

Office of the University Architect

271 East River Road     P.O. Box 270347     Rochester, New York     14627

Jose Fernandez, Executive Director
Campus Planning, Design & Construction Management
phone: (585)273-3897

The Office of the University Architect is a division of University Facilities and Services. The primary functions of this office are as follows:

  • Update and maintain various master planning efforts for all campuses by leading specific strategic planning initiatives. This will include integrating programmatic requirements, exterior architecture, landscaping, utility planning, roadways, parking, security, information technology, and building condition into a comprehensive plan.
  • Develop and maintain an Integrated Facility Assessment for all University property. These documents will provide a holistic view of the total need of our physical plant, that is inclusive of issues such as ADA, Asbestos, Component Renewal, Deferred Maintenance, Code Compliance, Fire Protection, HazMat, Program, and Security.
  • Develop and maintain aesthetic guidelines for exterior and interior architectural treatment. Responsible for standards and the development of all exterior signage.
  • Develop and maintain space standards, evaluate existing space and recommend adaptive reuse of space.
  • Work with the other Facilities Directors to project and manage immediate and long range capital budgets that will assure consistency with the strategic plans.
  • Work with departments to identify program needs and their associated space requirements.
  • Work closely with Monroe County, City of Rochester, and Town of Brighton officials on planning, development and zoning issues.
  • Management and maintenance of the space inventory and records documentation process.
  • Provide the necessary support for the Indirect Cost Recovery process.
  • Provide support for retrieving archival documents related to the physical plant of the University.

Office of the University Architect Staff

• Jennifer Manning, Senior Information Analyst

• Kevin Kehoe, CAD Operator

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