University of Rochester

Office of the University Architect

271 East River Road     P.O. Box 278943     Rochester, New York     14627

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call to renovate offices, labs, etc.

After speaking with your departmental administrator or director, the request should be sent to either Medical Center Space Planning (for Medical Center related projects) or the Senior Operations Officer (for River Campus related projects). Once the request as been reviewed by one or the other of these offices, the request will then be routed to the appropriate Facilities office to assist you.

How do I go about having a sign placed outside my office?

Contacting the Facilities Area Manager assigned to your building is the quickest way to accomplish this. If you do not know whom to contact, contact Facilities' Customer Service Center at 3-4567.

How do I obtain a blueprint or drawing, or need the square footage of my area?

Please direct your inquiries to 5-0309.

Last modified: December 16 2014 4:26:33 pm