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University Facilities and Services

Central Utilities & Energy Management

390 Elmwood Avenue  •  P.O. Box 278916  •  Rochester, New York  •  14627-8916

Mission Statement: Providing reliable and cost efficient energy and building environments to our customers every day.

Steve Mischissin

—Steve Mischissin, P.E.
Director, Utilities & Energy Management

phone: (585) 273-4704

Central Utilities Facts

The Central Utilities division of the University of Rochester is responsible for the supply, distribution and control of energy to the River Campus and Medical Center. Central Utilities provides electric power, steam, heating hot water and chilled water to the campuses from its central plant located on Elmwood Avenue and its satellite chiller plant located on Kendrick Road.

Electric power is distributed at 11.5 kV and 4160 volts from the central plant and from the new 70 MVA electric substation on Kendrick Road via underground duct banks. Peak electrical demand for the main campus is approximately 35 megawatts.The central plant cogenerates about 45 million kilowatt hours per year, or a third of the campus electrical consumption. RG & E provides 11.5 kV power to two university owned substations.

Steam and hot water are produced in the main plant by four gas/oil fired steam boilers. Steam is distributed at 100 psig to campus and hot water at 225 degrees F and 130 psig. Steam and hot water are distributed through tunnels and direct buried piping. Condensate is returned by to the central plant.

Chilled water is produced by four steam driven centrifugal chillers in the central plant and five electric driven centrifugal chillers at the satellite plant, known as the Mid Campus Chiller Plant. Chilled water is provided to campus buildings at 41-43 degrees F and 100 psig.

Central Utilities also maintains campus sanitary sewer, storm drains, natural gas distribution and domestic water distribution. C.U. also manages building automatic temperature controls with three DCS systems

Central utilities employs 60 people and has an annual O&M budget of approximately $54 million. The central plant was originally built in 1924 and has been in service since that date.

Utilities Request Form

Request campus utilities and/or building automation system additions.

System Snapshot: University of Rochester, Central Utilities

Steam & Medium Temperature Hot Water Cogeneration System Chilled-Water System
Startup year

1924 – Original Central Utility Plant constructed. Coal fired boilers producing steam.

1967 to 1970 – Central Utilities Plant expansion adds boilers 5, 6 & 7.

1999-Covert from coal to gas/oil.

2005 – Cogeneration system/hot water distribution installed, added boiler 9 and HP and LP turbines

2015-Boiler 3 removed.

1967 – 1972 Chiller plant added at Central Utilities Plant and river pump house. Chillers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

1999-Added chiller 5 and cooling tower 1.

2008 – Middle Campus Chiller Plant becomes operational, added 4,000 tons with chillers 6 ∓ 7.

2014-Expanded Middle Campus Plant, added 8,000 tons with chillers 8, 9 & 10. Chiller 1 retired.

Number of buildings served 71 46
Total gross square footage served 8,507,861 sq ft 7,209,000 sq ft
Plant capacity 498,000 lb/hr steam
394 MMBTU hot water
25 MW cogenerated electricity
Central Utilities Plant: 20,800 tons
Middle Campus Chiller Plant: 12,000 tons
Number of boilers/chillers 4 steam boilers 9 chillers: 4 steam driven, 5 electric driven
Fuel types Natural gas, fuel oil Steam, electric
Distribution piping type Steel in Walkable Tunnel System & pre-insulated bonded direct buried steel Ductile iron, coated direct-buried steel, PVC
Piping diameter range Up to 14” NPS Up to 36” NPS
# Distribution pumps Hot Water- 3 pumps w/ VSD Central Plant-4 w/VSD
Mid Campus Plant-4 w/VSD
System pressures Cogeneration Steam: 900 PSIG
Campus Steam Distribution: 110 PSIG
Campus Hot Water Distribution: 130 PSIG
105 psig
System temperatures Cogeneration Steam: 900 deg F
Steam Distribution: 383 deg F
Condensate Return: 140 deg F
Campus Hot Water Distribution: 225 deg F supply/ 160 deg F return
40 F supply/56 F return
System water volume Hot water system -250,000 gal 800,000 gal

Primary Contacts

Central Utilities Plant

Michael Yergeau, Assistant Director, Central Utilities Plant
phone: (585)273-4880

Alex Gales, Assistant Director, Central Utilities Plant
phone: (585)275-3673

Richard Gardner, Operations Manager, Central Utilities Plant
phone: 585-275-6333

Michael Pavone, Maintenance Manager, Central Utilities Plant
phone: 585-276-5947

Scott DeHollander, P.E, Utilities Distribution Manager, Central Utilities Plant
phone: 585-275-8931

Jill Chudyk, Administrative Assistant
phone: (585)275-3672

Finance and Billing

Paul Wollke, Finance Manager
phone: (585)275-4147

Michelle Mazor, Financial Analyst
phone: (585)276-4890

Energy Management

Eric Bullock, Supervisor/Sr Analyst
400 Elmwood Avenue, P.O. Box 270485, Rochester, NY 14627-0485
phone: (585)275-5695

Levi Olsen, Manager - Building Control & Energy Management
400 Elmwood Avenue, P.O. Box 270485, Rochester, NY 14627-0485
phone: (585)273-2106

Aaron Petrosino,Supervisor
400 Elmwood Avenue, P.O. Box 270485, Rochester, NY 14627-0485
phone: (585)276-4212

Rob Watkins, Construction Supervisor
601 Elmwood Ave. G-4963, P.O. Box 270485, Rochester, NY 14627-0485
phone: (585)275-1807

Construction Standards and Specifications

University of Rochester Building Automation Master Standards

Electrical Utility Metering Standard

Utility Metering Standard