University of Rochester

Finance and Human Resources

271 East River Road     P.O. Box 270485     Rochester, New York     14627-0485

To provide support to our customers in the consistent application of processes and procedures involving Human Resources, Financial & Budget applications, Payroll Processes and Training needs.

—Bill Radel

phone: (585)273-5808

Finance and Human Resources Personnel

• Karen Smith, Human Resources Administrator

• Larry Boykins, Human Resources Administrator

• Semra Mooney, Human Resources Administrator

• Sandra Foote, Human Resources Administrator

• Michelle Lewis, Staff Development Coordinator

• Matt Parr, Senior Information Analyst

• Joanne Conlon, Administrator

• Colleen Williams, Administrative Assistant

Training Report

All facilities personnel are encouraged to track and report any training that they are engaged in.

For your convenience, we have included a copy of the Training Form on this Website. You can easily fill this report in on-line and email it to Michelle Lewis by clicking on the SUBMIT button, or it can be filled in, printed out and mailed to Michelle Lewis, Staff Development Coordinator, University Facilities and Services, 271 East River Road. If you submit this electronically, you will receive a copy back in your email, and your Supervisor will automatically be emailed a copy.

Michelle will then place the information into the Training Data Base and file the form in the employee's department personnel file.

Training Form

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